Veterinarian Raleigh NC Explains Why It Is Important To Spay And Neuter Your Cat!

Top Veterinarian Raleigh NC trusts, Leesville Animal Hospital, believes in the importance of spaying and neutering pets, but are you aware of the benefits that spaying and neutering your pets can offer? Today we’re looking at a very interesting infographic about the current state of the feral cat population.

Veterinarian Raleigh NC Explains Why It Is Important To Spay And Neuter Your Cat!

Feral Cat Population

Although many of us would say ‘dog is man’s best friend’, the truth is there are more cat-owning households in the US than dogs! With so many myths about our purring felines, Found Animals Foundation had gathered some facts about the state of cats in our country. Presenting the good, the sad and the changeable about all things cat.

There are 77 million dog owners in the United States, this comprises 45% of all pet owners. There are 93 million cat owners in the United States, making up 55% of all pet owners and 56% of these 93 million own more than one cat.

87,000 cats entered Los Angeles shelters in 2012, 65,000 were ultimately euthanized, that’s a 75% euthanization rate! 20 percent of cats entering LA area shelters are adopted.

Did you know that cats with a microchip have a 21.4% higher rate for being returned to their owners over those that aren’t?

Currently, only 1 in 10 domestic cats that come into animal shelters is spayed or neutered. Less than 1% of feral cats have been sterilized.

It is approximated that there are between 12 to 100 million feral cats roaming the streets nationwide! A single pair of unsterilized cats and their kittens can produce as many as 5,000 kittens!

Call Your Veterinarian Raleigh NC Today to Book Spaying and Neutering for Your Pet!

If you have a cat that is currently not spayed or neutered, we encourage you to give us a call here at Leesville Animal Hospital to book an appointment for sterilization as soon as possible. Spaying and neutering your cat helps to control the feral cat population by reducing the breeding population of cats in your area – this is particularly important for households where cats tend to wander away from home! Just give us a call at (919)870-7000!

If you know of a feral cat population in your area, there are numerous trap, neuter and release programs locally who can help you to arrange for the cats in the feral colony to be sterilized and released. Something as simple as making a phone call to one of these organizations can have a significant impact on the feral cat population where you live.

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