Why You Should Board With A Veterinary Clinic

Why should you board with a veterinary clinic? When it comes to boarding your pet, no matter how old they are, finding a Raleigh boarding facility you can trust may seem like a task. Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, of course, we are a little bias; however, we have one tip for you no matter who you choose to board your pet with…

Raleigh NC Boarding: Why You Should Board with a Veterinary Clinic

Raleigh NC Dog Boarding

Here in Raleigh NC at Leesville Animal Hospital, we know what makes a good boarding facility and one of the biggest things we always recommend is looking for a facility with a veterinarian clinic attached.

As a veterinary clinic, we have fully stocked veterinary facilities in the same building as our boarding kennels and fully trained veterinarians on call during the hours that we are closed. In fact, because most of our boarders are clients at our hospital, we also have full medical records and personal knowledge of each of our boarder’s past medical history as well.

But why is all of this important?Why does it matter if you board with a veterinary clinic?

No one wants to think about something happening to their pet while they are away, but once in a while our dog’s catch a nail and need the wound dressing or our cats scratch their eye and need immediate treatment to prevent infection. In other instances, other dogs may experience illness as the result of an existing health condition. However an injury or illness occurs, the most important thing is that any pet being boarded receives immediate and professional medical care. Here at Leesville Animal Hospital we ensure that your pet receives this care at the hands of our experienced medical staff.

What else should you look for when you board with a veterinary clinic? Here are a few things that we suggest!

  • Look for a facility with large runs. Here at Leesville, we have some of the largest in Raleigh!
  • Good vet boarding facilities should also offer customized care options like administration of medication and a willingness to feed your pet their specialized diet.
  • Veterinary boarding facilities should also be clean! There should be no bad odor, no waste material, and good ventilation!
  • Dogs in the facility should not look unhappy, disheveled, or ill.

Are you looking for a veterinary boarding facility in Raleigh? Then Leesville can help! If you have any questions about special needs your pet may have while boarding with us here at Leesville Animal Hospital boarding in Raleigh, NC give us a call at (919)870-7000!

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