Raleigh Veterinary Hospitals Share 10 Fun Activities For Your Dog This Summer!

Recently we’ve been talking to our Raleigh veterinary hospitals clients to find out what they do to keep their pets occupied during the hot summer months. You see, in case you are new to the state, here in North Carolina, it gets really hot and humid during the summer months. That means plenty of sticky summer weather and here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we want to make sure that your dog still has plenty of fun and exercise without being at risk for overheating! So today, we’re sharing some fun summer activities that you can do over the next few months.

Raleigh Veterinary Hospitals Share 10 Fun Activities For Your Dog This Summer!

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1. Make your own pupsicles!

One thing that many of our Raleigh veterinary hospitals clients have a lot of fun trying is making pupsicles! By submerging dog-friendly fruits and veggies or their dog’s favorite toys in water and freezing them, they create a block of ice that their dog can have fun working at while staying cool! Make smaller ice cubes for indoor snacks or keep your pup on tile flooring while they play! If you do spend some time outside at cooler times of the day while your pup entertains a pupsicle, just be sure that your dog has plenty of shade and the option to head back inside if it gets too hot outdoors!

2. Take your dog to the lake.

Not all dogs are swimmers but if you have a dog that is and know of a clean and safe local lake, why not take your dog for a swim in the mid-morning or early afternoon when it’s not too hot out. Just be sure to have a doggy lifejacket on hand for safer swimming!

If you do head to the lake, please keep in mind that while a lake can be free from garbage and debris, the water can harbor some nasties that can make your pup ill if ingested, so please don’t let them drink the water and shower them off thoroughly after they finish swimming.

3. Play in the sprinkler.

Do you remember playing in the sprinkler on hot summer days when you were a child? Well, water-loving dogs love them too! In fact, your dog doesn’t have to be a swimmer to enjoy a light sprinkle of water and chasing the spray as it spins around! This is even more fun if you or your children take part too!

4. Go to the beach.

If you are lucky enough to live near a beach where dogs are permitted, walking along the beach and playing in the surf is a great and fun activity for dogs! Head out during the morning or after sundown so that you catch the cooler times of the day and don’t forget to take plenty of drinking water and those waste bags to pick up after your dog!

5.  Build a dog house!

Dogs are not solitary nor “outside only” creatures but if you spend a lot of time in your backyard during the summer afternoons when it’s cooler outside, why not invest time in building a dog house? A nice dog house will provide your dog with a shaded place to relax while you are doing just the same! Who knows, you may discover that you have a true talent for building backyard doggy mansions complete with AC and a constantly filled water bowl!

6. Enroll in a class or two.

Even if you have an older dog or a dog that has passed basic obedience, there are plenty of other classes and activities that your dog to take part in! Whether you are interested in making your dog a canine good citizen or helping them to release a little energy in agility classes, there is something for everyone! Classes help to reinforce the bond that you have with your dog while having fun and they also help to build a stronger line of communication for reduced stress all around!

7. Visit a new dog-friendly store or an old favorite.

Socializing is important for dogs and most dogs enjoy the opportunity to get out and about and sniff out new things! Visiting a new dog-friendly store or an old favorite one gives your dog the chance to do just this! Please note, though, if you have a fearful dog please don’t try this as it will stress your dog, instead, try enrolling in a fearful fido’s class to help your dog to overcome their fears!

8. Take your dog to breakfast.

Morning is a great time during the summer because it’s warm enough to be out and about but not so hot that it takes a toll on your dog’s health. Find a local eatery that has patio seating and welcomes dogs and makes it a routine to take your dog to breakfast! You may even find that some restaurants offer dog-friendly snacks or are willing to put together a side dish for your pup at your request!

9. Doggy day camp

During the summer we tend to stay indoors and keep our dogs indoors too. We become sedentary and maybe even a little lazy because that southern heat can get to be just a little too much! This summer you don’t have to make a bored couch potato out of your pup, though. Doggy day camp is a great solution for our dogs to expend energy without overheating. Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we have a great indoor play area for dogs to take advantage of during those sweltering days of summer.

10. Take a road trip

Get your dog some Doggles and take a drive with the window’s down so your pup can feel the wind in their ears…plus, they won’t mind if you enjoy a little singing time on the way! Just remember to please NEVER leave your dog in the car during the summer and keep your pup safe and secure with a crash-tested harness, a crate, or a doggy car seat.

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