10 Reasons Why You Should Book Your Pup For a Raleigh Dog Bath!

Why you Should Book Your Dog For A BathWondering if it’s time to book your dog for a Raleigh dog bath?

The average dog doesn’t need a bath too often. Overbathing your dog can result in dry and itchy skin or even excessively oily skin! For most dogs, a bath a couple of times a year is enough to keep them clean and you happy!

When bathtime does roll around, however, it tends to be a stressful occasion for everyone involved! You struggle to keep your pup in the tub, they struggle to get out of the tub…

Fortunately, here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we have a full-service bathing and grooming salon that can save you both a lot of anxiety!

Reasons to Consider a Raleigh Dog Bath For Your Dog

Why should you consider using our bathing and grooming services instead of bathing your pup at home? Here are ten great reasons!

1. Stress!

Bathing can be a stressful experience for your dog. Fortunately, we have a few specially scented shampoos that can help to reduce your dog’s stress. Not only that, but our experienced groomers know plenty of relaxation techniques to help your pup to enjoy their bath!

2. Back Ache!

If you have a dog who likes to jump out of the tub or a large dog who needs a little extra assistance, bathing your dog can give you incredible backache! Skip the backache and let us do the work for you.

3. The Cleanup!

It’s no secret that bathing your pup results in dog hair ALL OVER THE PLACE! From blocking the drain of the tub to coating the walls of your bathroom, there is no preventing it. When you bring your pup to us for grooming and bathing, you leave all the clean up to us!

4. Wet Dog!

Anyone who has bathed their dog will tell you that there is nothing friendlier than a wet dog! As soon as they jump out of the tub they rub on the carpet, jump on your lap, and shake, shake, shake! If this is your least favorite part of bathing your pup, then you’re in luck, because we love crazy wet pups!

5. Dry Dog

If you try to avoid the wet dog incident by drying your pup with a towel or hairdryer, then you know that it’s an exercise in futility. There is no fully drying a pup with a towel or hairdryer! Fortunately, we have professional grooming facilities with professional dryers that will have your pup completely dry in no time!

6. Stinky Pup

There is a very definite smell to wet dogs! Even when they’re thoroughly shampooed and scrubbed, wet dogs will always smell like wet dogs. When you bring your pup to us for their dog bath and grooming session, you let us deal with the wet dog smell and take care of it quickly with our gentle but thorough dryers!

7. Time

Bathing and grooming your pup takes time – especially if you have a large dog or a stubborn dog! When you bring your pup into us for their bath you not only free up time to run your errands, but you also don’t spend time bending, lifting, and struggling to keep your pup in the tub!

8. Shampoo Selection

Specialty dog shampoo can get expensive particularly if your pup has special needs like allergies or skin sensitivity. Fortunately, we have a full range of professional dog shampoo to choose from so that we can make sure that your dog gets the right shampoo for them.

9. We are a Vet Clinic!

As your dog’s veterinary clinic, we have records on your pup’s health! This includes any bumps, lumps, sores, and rashes. During your pup’s bath and grooming session, we always check for any unusual changes in your pup’s physiology and as your dog’s vet clinic, we can check their records and, if needed, pull our vets in to look at any changes we find!

10. We Have the Hydrosurge System!

When you bathe and groom your pup at home, chances are that you are using a handheld showerhead or a bathtub. Here at Leesville, our Raleigh dog bath service uses a specialty Hydrosurge bathing system that delivers oxygen while completely cleaning your pup’s coat! So, not only does your dog get nice and squeaky clean with a dog bath, but their skin is much healthier as well.

Think that your pup could benefit from a bathing and grooming session with us? Give us a call and make your appointment today! (919) 870-7000

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