27613 Vet Offers Holiday Decoration Safety Tips For 2018!

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Our 27613 vet clinic, Leesville Animal Hospital frequently sees pets over the holiday season. While some of these visits are regular preventative care visits, some of them are also the result of holiday decorations gone wrong. So, today, we’re dropping by with some safety tips for your holiday decorations in hopes that you have no unexpected visits with us this season!

27613 Vet Holiday Decoration Safety Tips

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or any other holiday this season, part of the fun is the festive decorations. When you are a pet parent, though, it’s important to keep your pet in mind when you start putting those holiday adornments up.

To help you to get started, we’ve put together some tips to keep in mind!

Skip the Silver Icicle Tinsel

We can’t tell you how many pets drop into our 27613 vet office over the holidays after eating that silver icicle tinsel that gets draped over Christmas trees!  You know the stuff we’re talking about – the silver strands of foil-like paper that are so much fun to throw over the branches of your tree! Well, as fun as they might be to throw onto the tree, they’re even more fun for your cat or dog to slurp up like spaghetti. It may sound funny, but unfortunately, it’s not as funny when that tinsel causes a blockage or obstruction and you have to rush in to see us with a very unwell furry family member!

If you are going to put up a tree this year, we advise sticking with the baubles and sentimental tree decorations and skipping the tinsel unless you want dropping into our 27613 clinic to your to-do list.

About Those Baubles…

As long as we’re talking about those baubles for the Christmas tree… or any holiday ornaments for that matter, it’s always best to go with shatter-proof ornaments when you have cats and dogs at home. Cats are notorious for batting those shiny baubles off the tree and dogs, well those wagging tails will undoubtedly send a few baubles airborne over the holidays. The problem is that when this happens – if you have ornaments that aren’t shatterproof – those ornaments break. If the noise of the breaking doesn’t send your pet running, then the shiny pieces of that ornament are just too appealing not to investigate. This can result in a number of mishaps including cut paw pads and embedded shards in your pet’s feet!

If you do decorate your Christmas tree or your shelves with decorative ornaments this year go with shatterproof options, put them out of reach, or put them in a room of your home where your cat or dog does not go because as much as we adore all of our furry friends, we don’t want to see any of them in our 27613 clinic this holiday season!

When Those Guests Start to Arrive…

A baby gate or crate may not be part of your ideal holiday decor layout, but when those guests start to arrive it can be quite easy for one of them to leave the front door cracked open. Keep in mind that not everyone has pets at home and they’re not used to the idea that living creatures can escape from the house when doors are left open! We recommend eliminating this possibility completely by using baby gates to section off the area around your front door so that if someone does forget to securely close the door, you don’t have to worry about your dog escaping. We haven’t forgotten you cat parents either, we know Felix can be quite nimble when it comes to hurdling (or squeezing through) those baby gates, so we advise keeping your cat in a closed room anytime that you are expecting guests who you cannot trust to securely close the doors in your home! You can even place a sign on your front door reminding guests to close the door after them.

If you don’t have baby gates on hand and don’t want to make that added investment, stick with your dog’s crate or use a free room of the house to secure them anytime that you are expecting company just as you would with a cat.

Keep Those Tasty Festivities Out of Reach

Another very common cause for pets coming for impromptu visits to our 27613 vet clinic over the holidays is when they get hold of holiday food! Whether you’re baking cookies, waiting for the turkey to cool, or hanging the stockings over the fireplace, please make sure that those tasty snacks and tempting edibles are well out of reach of your cats and dogs! This is particularly a problem for some of our canine clients who just can’t help themselves when they catch the scent of something delicious! It may not seem like a big deal for your dog or cat to get hold of some holiday treats, but depending on what those treats are, you may wind up in our 27613 waiting room instead of around the piano this holiday season.

Keep food well out of reach, keep it covered, don’t feed table scraps, and please don’t give in to those big puppy eyes! Many human foods are not just upsetting to your cat or dog’s tummy, but they can actually prove to be fatal. If you want to treat your pet this holiday stick with treats made with them in mind!

Need to Check in with Our 27613 Vet Clinic?

If you need to check in with our 27613 vet clinic before the holiday visitors start funneling through the door, give us a call at (919)870-7000 and make an appointment with one of our Raleigh veterinarians today!

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