Raleigh Pet Doctor Shares 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Nutritional Counseling For Your Pet

Nutritional Counseling For Your PetAs your Raleigh pet doctor, you should know that here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we offer nutritional counseling for your pets!

Nutritional counseling is a great opportunity for you to find out what your pet needs from their diet (and is not currently getting), how you can provide your pet with a healthier diet, and how you can help your pet’s current health conditions through changes in their diet.

While every pet owner can benefit from nutritional counseling with one of our veterinarians, there are some instances when nutritional counseling can be particularly beneficial. Let’s take a look at five of those instances now!

5 Instances When You Should Consider Nutritional Counseling for Your Pet

  1. Your Pet is overweight
    Just like people, your pet can experience a number of additional health conditions as a result of being overweight. These conditions can range from aching joints to a shortened lifespan. For your pet’s health, it is imperative to tackle their obesity through a combination of dietary changes and exercise and you should consider nutritional counseling for your pet as part of this plan. Making changes to diet and exercise is a very delicate process, however, and without the guidance of a qualified veterinarian, these life changes can be more harmful than beneficial.Fortunately, each Raleigh pet doctor at our clinic can put together a nutritional plan to help you to safely reduce the number of calories that your pet eats to facilitate their weight loss. Our vets can also provide you with a safe exercise routine based on your pet’s current weight and health.
  2. Your Pet is Failing to Thrive
    Sometimes, our pets simply don’t seem to be thriving and that failure to thrive can often be contributed to dietary problems. It may be that the food you are feeding your pet simply does not contain adequate nutrients for their needs or it may be that your pet has food allergies or intolerances. In either instance, it is important to address this failure to thrive with one of our qualified veterinarians. How do you know if your pet is failing to thrive? Most of us are aware of what a healthy cat or dog looks like and acts like. They should have a shiny coat, non-greasy and non-dry skin, bright eyes, a normal amount of energy for their age, etc. If you notice that your pet does not display these healthy characteristics and there is not an alternate explanation for this, it is time to consider a nutritional consultation.A nutritional consultation with one of our vets can help you to determine what specific needs your pet has based on physical signs and symptoms they display. From there, adjustments can be made to your pet’s diet to increase or decrease specific nutrients to address your pet’s needs.
  3. Your Pet Has Been Diagnosed with a Health Condition
    There are many different health conditions which can be influenced by nutrition. Whether your pet suffers from diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, or cancer, the nutrients that your pet requires changes based on their health. For example pets with heart disease require a lower sodium diet in order to thrive. Meeting with one of our veterinarians for nutritional counseling for your pet to discuss your pet’s current health conditions, you will learn how you can alter their diet to cater to the demands of their “new normal”.
  4. You Don’t Know What You Should Be Feeding Your Pet
    Not every pet owner knows the ins and outs of pet nutrition. It doesn’t make you a bad pet owner if you aren’t sure what your dog or cat needs from their diet, but it does mean that you should consider a nutritional consultation! During a nutritional consultation, one of our vets will help you to understand what a good quality pet food is. After your consultation, you will be able to more confidently select a nutritionally balanced food for your pet rather than simply picking a bag off the shelf based on product packaging or TV commercials!
  5. Your Pet Shows Signs of Allergies and Food Intolerances
    Over the past few decades, increasing numbers of dogs and cats have developed food allergies and food intolerances. There are many possible explanations for why more pets have developed these sensitivities, but what we really care about is addressing these sensitivities through dietary changes. Not only will our veterinarians be able to conduct allergy testing for your pet, but they will be able to counsel you in how to avoid allergens and cater your pet’s diet to their specific needs.

Think that nutritional counseling can help you to help your pet? Give us a call at (919)870-70000 and schedule a nutritional counseling appointment today!

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