5 Things to Look For in a Dog Kennel, Raleigh Dog Owners!

5 Things to Look For in a Dog Kennel Raleigh Dog Owners!Do you know the 5 things to look for in a dog kennel Raleigh dog owners?

If not, don’t worry because we are here to help! Not only that, but we also have a Raleigh dog kennel with all five of these must haves!

Do you absolutely HAVE to choose a dog kennel that offers these five features? Not at all, but given the choice, we wouldn’t board our dogs in a less than optimal kennel facility!

So, what should you be looking for?

5 Qualities to Look for in a Dog Kennel Raleigh Dog Owners!

1.  Look for Cleanliness in a Dog Kennel Raleigh!

A dog kennel should always look and smell clean at all times! Cleanliness will maintain a healthy environment for canine boarders and prevent “social” illnesses like influenza and kennel cough.

2. Make Sure There is Plenty of Ventilation!

It is exceptionally important for a dog kennel to have a good ventilation system! Having multiple dogs staying in one area can lead to stuffy rooms with allergens and odor. A good ventilation system will maintain a continuous flow of fresh clean air to keep your pup healthy!

3. Temperature Control is Crucial for a Dog Kennel

Here in Raleigh, we experience a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels and not all of them are pleasant! That is why it is exceptionally important for a dog kennel to be climate controlled. Proper air conditioning will prevent overheating in the summer and a good heating system will protect your pup in the winter lows!

4. Bedding / Elevation

Dogs at any kennel should not be resting on a cold concrete floor. Resting on a concrete floor is uncomfortable, and it can also lead to pressure sores and difficulty getting up for older dogs. Look for a kennel that offers comfortable bedding that elevates your dog off the floor. In the very least, look for a kennel that lets you bring your own bed for your dog.

5. Staff

Find a dog kennel that has staff present who are engaged and knowledgeable. If you tour a kennel and notice that the dogs are not well cared for, the rooms are dirty, and there is no one present to watch the dogs, it’s time to look for another kennel.

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