Raleigh Animal Hospital Shares 8 Things Everyone Should Do Before Getting A New Pet

Here at our Raleigh animal hospital, we see plenty of families bringing home their first pet, particularly during summer. When it comes to getting a new pet, it is a pretty exciting time. Sometimes, however, the excitement can get the better of us and we wind up putting the cart before the horse, so to speak. Today, here on the Leesville Animal Hospital blog, we want to share 8 things that EVERYONE should do before getting a new pet, whether you are getting a new dog, a new cat or a new goldfish.

Raleigh Animal Hospital Shares 8 Things Everyone Should Do Before Getting A New Pet

Raleigh Animal Hospital Shares 8 Things Everyone Should Do Before Getting A New Pet

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#1. All new pets need to be vetted (with the possible exception of fish). Make sure you have enough money set aside to complete a complete vetting of your new pet. Keep in mind that this often involves a series of vaccinations which will require more than one vet visit.

#2. Always be sure to have enough money set aside in addition to vetting costs for your first emergency vet visit. This could be due to dehydration from diarrhea, worm infestation or something much more serious like exposure to Parvo.

#3. Research the type of pet you are looking for and make sure it is well suited to your lifestyle. For example, a large dog that requires plenty of exercise is not a good fit for someone who works 18-hour shifts without the use of a dog walker or supportive family.

#4. Become familiar with the breed of pet you are interested in getting and understand their needs in terms of grooming, exercise, and diet.

#5. Research pet food brands and ensure that you can afford a high-quality food for your pet. The better quality food you feed your pet, the better their overall health will be and the lower your vet bills will be in general.

#6. Research the breeder if you are buying a new pet. Not all breeders of animals are reputable ones and purchasing an animal from a non-reputable breeder can set you up for high veterinary costs as well as heartbreak when your pet falls ill.

#7. Determine how you will train your pet – this is mostly for new dog owners of course! All dogs require training not only to teach them manners but also to enforce the bond between them and you and to allow for socialization with other people and animals. The costs of training will vary depending upon the style you choose.

#8. Ensure that you have all of the “basic supplies” needed to bring your new pet home. This includes a crate/bed, toys, food bowls, food, leashes and aquarium decor etc.

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