9 Reasons Why Leesville Animal Hospital Should Be Your Go-To Vet in Raleigh

At Leesville Animal Hospital we want to be your go-to vet in Raleigh and today we want to share nine reasons why you should trust us with your pets!

9 Reasons Why Leesville Animal Hospital Should Be Your Go-To Vet in Raleigh

9 Reasons Why Leesville Should Be Your Go To Vet1. Founded in 1988, Leesville Animal Hospital has been owned and run by Dr. Harold Pearce since it first opened its doors! Dr. Pearce’s dedication to the hospital, as well as to the animals he works with, make Leesville a staple in the veterinary community in Raleigh, NC.

2. Leesville Animal Hospital offers one of the only canine hydrotherapy tanks in the area! Hydrotherapy is an important factor in the success of many of our clients’ recovery from injury and surgical intervention.

3. Being a family-centered practice, Leesville is able to offer services like hydrotherapy at more affordable prices than larger veterinary institutions.

4. Leesville Animal Hospital has three full-time veterinarians on staff who are all vastly experienced in a wide range of veterinary treatments, approaches, and practices. This means that no matter what you need us for, we have someone who can help or we have a referral for someone who can!

5. Leesville Animal Hospital is not only in touch with the local veterinary community, but we also make a habit of reaching out to local charities and organizations as well. We believe that it is the responsibility of everyone in the community to contribute what they can to make a kinder and healthier tomorrow for us all.

6. Speaking of a healthier tomorrow, at Leesville Animal Hospital we focus our treatment approach on preventative care with an emphasis on the individual. This means that we do what your pet needs to keep them healthy not just follow a corporate established protocol that treats all animals as equal.

7. Speaking of corporate protocol, unlike large veterinary institutions, Leesville Animal Hospital does not give in to the pressure of corporate affiliations. For you, this means that we treat your pet with the best treatment for them and not with the product we are forced to promote by corporate policy.

8. Another benefit to the lack of a stale corporate structure is that as your vet in Raleigh, Leesville Animal Hospital is able to maintain the hometown feel of a Southern family owned business. We know our clients by name, we know all of the local resources for pet owners, and most of all, we know that things don’t always fit into a rigid corporate structure!

9. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the far-reaching scope of our veterinary expertise! Our vets, vet techs, surgeons, and our facility all culminate to allow us to offer the best treatment for everything from a case of worms to cancer.

Want to know more about why Leesville Animal Hospital should be your go-to veterinarian in Raleigh? Give us a call at (919)870-7000 and we’d be happy to answer any of your questions!

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