Interesting Pet Ownership Stats From an Animal Hospital Raleigh North Carolina Trusts

animal hospital Raleigh North CarolinaAs an animal hospital Raleigh North Carolina trusts at Leesville Animal Hospital, we like to keep our clients informed. Today we’re doing just that by sharing with you some incredible stats that you need to know about the pet owning population in the United States. You’ll find some of these stats pretty staggering, we sure did!

Stats You Need to Know From an Animal Hospital Raleigh North Carolina Trusts

  • The total number of pets that were insured with pet insurance plans in the U.S. and Canada reached 2.1 million at year-end 2017. That’s an increase of 16% from 2016. The increase in pet insurance policies could have a lot to do with the shift in policies to cover more veterinary expenses than ever before. Is your pet insured? If not, you should consider a pet insurance plan to recoup the cost of your pet’s vet care.
  • The National Pet Owners Survey from 2016-2017 found that some 85 million US households owned a pet…that’s some 68% of the population! As one of the majority, know that you are in good company as a pet parent! In case you’re wondering about the dog/cat breakdown, 60.2 million of those households own dogs and 47.1 of those households own cats.
  • Between the years of 2007 and 2017, the expenditure of pet parents in the pet industry increased by 28.2 billion! It’s pretty evident that we all love our pets but if you ever needed proof, these numbers certainly say it all.
  • When looking at the distribution of pets throughout the United States, more families in the western U.S. own dogs than those in the eastern U.S. and many more families in the Midwest U.S. own cats than in the western U.S. We should mention, though, that the differences in dog ownership between regions are much smaller than the differences in cat ownership between regions!
  • Interested in knowing how pet ownership differs between men and women? According to recent studies, 58% of women own at least one pet where only 49% of men own at least one pet. Here at Leesville, we see plenty of male and female pet parents but we have to say that we have noticed more pet moms than dads!
  • One statistic that we found particularly interesting is the pattern of spending between pet moms versus pet dads. Women are much less likely than men to spend $100 or above on their pets each month. Yes, you read that right, pet dads are much more likely to spoil those furry family members!
  • What about the habits of pet owners when it comes to allowing pets in various areas of the house? Studies found that more women give their pets complete reign of the home where more men are likely to limit the areas of the house where their pets are allowed to roam. Women were also shown to allow their pets on the furniture more than men but that difference isn’t all that great at just 12%.
  • When it comes to sleeping arrangements, research showed that pet owners overwhelmingly allow their pets to sleep with them versus sleeping in a crate or in any other area of the home. We LOVE this statistic because to us it shows just how much our pets are loved as a member of the family. The only exception to this statistic is for households that have both cats and dogs…we can understand not letting pets sleep on the bed in this instance, it could result in a very restless night of sleep!
  • Looking at the different age groups of pet owners research found that pet owners aged 55 years+ are much more likely to spend more on their pets every month than their younger counterparts. We’re not surprised by this statistic at all, but we do expect to see it shift in the future as more young people are opting for furkids over human kids these days than ever before!
  • According to this study, 77% of pet owners allow their pet to have free reign in the home where 7% of pet owners keep their pets outside. We’re thrilled that so many pet owners keep their furry family members inside the home and that the percentage of pet parents keeping their pets as outside pets is so low! We would love to see that percentage get down to 0% in the near future though!

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*Statistics obtained via JoyBird

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