Cat Adoption Raleigh: Why Your New Cat Needs to See the Vet ASAP

When it comes to cat adoption, Raleigh has many great feline rescues and shelters with cats of every breed, age, and size. We always encourage Raleigh residents to consider supporting one of these rescues when searching for a new feline family member – in fact, we offer a 10% adoption discount on your newly adopted pet’s first vet checkup when you bring your certificate of adoption to your appointment! Why do we do this? Because rescue work supports our community, benefits animals (we are vets, after all!), and it encourages new pet parents to make that important first veterinary appointment. But why is that first veterinary appointment so important for your new cat…?

Cat Adoption Raleigh: Why Your New Cat Needs to See the Vet ASAP

When adding a new furry family member to your home, it’s crucial that you see a Raleigh veterinarian ASAP. Today we’re going to take a look at why that first veterinary visit is so important for your new cat.


To Identify Any Possible Illness or Injury

Depending on where you adopt your cat from they may have received comprehensive or minimal veterinary care prior to joining your family. No matter which of these types of care your new kitty received, it’s still important to check in with a local veterinarian for a full illness and injury check ASAP for a number of reasons…

  • Animal control detainment facilities and many shelters have exceptionally low funding which means that the veterinary care that they can provide to animals prior to adoption is limited. This could mean that your new cat comes to you with an upper respiratory infection or other illness that still needs to be treated. Visiting a good Raleigh vet ASAP will get treatment started ASAP to get your new cat feeling more comfortable.
  • Most rescue organizations provide thorough veterinary care for animals in their charge, but it’s up to you to continue that care. For example, if you have adopted a cat with diabetes, it’s important to maintain ongoing care to keep that diabetes under control.
  • Limited shelter funds can also mean a lesser quality of care. This isn’t always the case, but when working with limited funding, some shelters may cut corners and use lesser standards of care which put your cat’s health at risk. For example, a spay or neuter surgery that is done quickly and not monitored well can result in infection that needs treating ASAP.
  • Even rescues that take the very best care of the animals in their charge can miss things. It doesn’t happen often, but it is possible that your newly adopted cat can have an undiagnosed illness or injury that has gone unnoticed. In this case, a visit with your veterinarian ASAP can catch that illness or injury and treatment and care can begin ASAP. For example, your new kitten may be in the early stages of .respiratory illness or urinary tract infection so their symptoms have not yet been noticed.

Rescue Regulations Require a Vet Visit

Many rescues and shelters make it mandatory for their adopting families to visit a family vet with their new cat within a short period of adoption. This helps the organization to ensure that you are dedicated to keeping your new family member healthy and happy!

To Learn How to Best Care For Your New Cat

Taking your new cat to the cat is as important for you as it is for them! If you are a new cat parent or if you are undertaking a cat with unique challenges, your Raleigh veterinarian can help you to understand how to best care for your new addition!

To Protect Other Pets (and People) at Home

If you already have pets at home a vet visit ASAP is important for your new cat because it’s possible for them to spread infectious illness to healthy pets in your home! In some rare instances, infectious diseases can even be transmitted from cats to humans which means that you and your family could be at risk of illness too!

For Preventative Medications and Vaccinations

Another reason why it’s important to bring your new cat to your own vet as soon as you can following adoption is so that you can keep up with preventative medications and vaccinations. For example, if you adopted a kitten, they will very likely only have received the first in a series of vaccinations due to their age. You need to complete this series of vaccinations to ensure that your kitten is protected against serious illnesses like rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and panleukopenia.

Additionally, you will need to keep up with monthly heartworm, flea, and tick prevention to keep your cat healthy and your veterinarian can supply these preventatives.

To Introduce Your Veterinarian to Your Cat and Your Cat to Your Veterinarian!

Your cat and their veterinarian are going to have a lifelong relationship and starting that relationship as soon as possible has benefits for everyone!

  • Introducing your cat to their vet early will help to build familiarity so that your cat can feel safer and more comfortable when in the veterinary office.
  • Early introductions will also help to get your new cat used to being handled by other humans and being examined in a veterinary setting.
  • Having one vet who cares for your pet throughout their lifetime means great continuity of care. So, should your kitten grow into a five-year-old cat with a health concern, your vet can look over their history together for any indicators as to what could have contributed to that concern. It also means that if you have adopted a cat with special health concerns, their care can remain stable under one Raleigh veterinarian.

Recently Completed a Cat Adoption, Raleigh?

If you recently completed a cat adoption and have yet to bring your new kitty to a North Raleigh vet, we’d love to invite you to join our family here at Leesville Animal Hospital. Give us a call today at (919)870-7000 and we’ll get you set up with an appointment ASAP with one of our great veterinarians so that you can get your new feline friend gets off to a great start!

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