5 Facts You Need to Know From a Cat Vet Raleigh NC Trusts

cat vet Raleigh NCLooking for a little advice from a cat vet Raleigh NC trusts? You’ve come to the right place! Today here on the Leesville Animal Hospital blog, we’re going to take a look at five facts that every cat lover needs to know!

5 Cat Facts You Should Know From a Cat Vet Raleigh NC Trusts!

1. A Sure-Fire Way to Shorten Your Cat’s Lifespan

Many people like to think that they’re doing their cat a favor by allowing them to “indulge” their “wild instincts” and be “outside cats”. The truth is though, that this is a sure-fire way to shorten your cat’s lifespan and expose them to illness and dangers they would be protected from if you kept them as “indoor cats“.

2. The Way Your Cat Talks

The way that your cat talks can tell us a lot about their health! If you notice any significant changes in your cat’s vocalizations you should always bring them by for a visit!

3. Cats Need Preventatives Too!

A lot of people believe that heartworm is a disease that affects dogs alone, this simply isn’t true. Just like dogs, cats require heartworm preventatives and flea and tick preventatives monthly!

4. Anxious Cats!

Anxiety and stress can really do a number on your cat and lead to behavior changes that can be devastating to your cat’s health! If you notice signs of anxiety or stress in your cat, drop by your veterinarian ASAP or call in a mobile vet if you don’t feel safe transporting your already stressed out cat!

5. Emergency Cat Care!

When does your cat require emergency vet care? Any time that your cat has an open wound, significant behavioral changes, trouble breathing, changes in urination/defecation/eating/drinking habits, vomiting, neurological symptoms and signs of poisoning, you should get them to the emergency vet clinic ASAP. Additionally, any time you find yourself wondering if your cat needs emergency care, it’s better to call ahead to the emergency vet clinic and ask for help.


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