Hydrotherapy at Leesville Animal Hospital

Dogs Hydrotherapy: Is Your Dog a Good Candidate?

Dogs hydrotherapy tanks are fantastic for dogs with various needs when used under the supervision of a reputable and knowledgable veterinarian. If your vet does not have a hydrotherapy tank like the one we have here at Leesville Animal Hospital, though, you may not be as familiar with water therapy as our clients are. This […]

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Raleigh Hydrotherapy: Rehabilitation and Mobility Benefits

Our Raleigh hydrotherapy service is a popular one. It’s not that ours is one of the only hydrotherapy tanks in the area, but it’s the rehabilitation and mobility benefits that hydrotherapy offers that makes our hydrotherapy so popular. If you’re not familiar with canine hydrotherapy or the benefits that it offers, then keep reading because […]

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Hydrotherapy And Your Dog

If you have been following the Leesville Animal Hospital Blog since we first started, then you have probably watched our video of Tucker in the Leesville canine hydrotherapy tank! If not, we encourage you to take a moment to click on the link above and check it out! Today we want to talk a little […]

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Hydro Therapy For Dogs Raleigh NC

Hydro therapy for dogs Raleigh NC is a great solution for those aching joints with colder months creeping in. There are many reasons why your dog can benefit from North Carolina canine hydrotherapy here at Leesville Animal Hospital, though. We are one of the few locations in the state of North Carolina with dog hydro […]

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Benefits of Hydrotherapy Before And After CCL Surgery

Hydrotherapy is a tool that we use frequently here at our Raleigh, NC clinic particularly for our client’s dogs that have undergone CCL repair! Here at Leesville Animal Hospital we always recommend the use of our hydrotherapy tank before and after CCL repairs for optimal recovery time. Unfortunately, many people skip the recommendation of canine hydrotherapy […]

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A Vet Raleigh NC That Offers Hydrotherapy For Dogs

Have you been looking for a vet Raleigh NC that offers hydrotherapy for dogs? Then, look no further because we have just what you are looking for! There are very few veterinary services in the Raleigh NC area that offer hydrotherapy services to their clients – Leesville Animal Hospital is one of them! Today we […]

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