Dog Boarding Near Me – Finding Quality Dog Boarding in Raleigh NC

Dog Boarding Near MeSearching for “dog boarding near me” on the web will yield plenty of search results, but how can you be sure that the boarding facility you select is the caliber that your dog deserves?

As a top Raleigh boarding facility, here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we know a thing or two about providing top quality service to our boarding guests. That’s why today we want to share a few tips on how you can go about finding a quality dog boarding service so that your dog has the vacation that they deserve while you’re away!

Dog Boarding Near Me – What to Look For in a Good Boarding Facility in Raleigh

With so many results to choose from when you search for “dog boarding near me” just how do you determine which facilities are the best choice for your dog? Let’s take a look at some of the key factors you should consider.

Look For Clean Facilities

The biggest thing you should look for when choosing a boarding facility for your dog is cleanliness. Due to the nature of boarding facilities, illness spreads very quickly in unsanitary conditions so it’s crucial that you choose a facility that takes cleanliness seriously.

If you walk into a boarding facility and notice a bad odor or see multiple boarding suites with waste in them, consider looking for another kennel. Yes, accidents do happen sometimes in boarding facilities, but a reputable facility will clean up any accidents ASAP to keep dogs healthy, happy, and clean!

Here at Leesville, we keep our boarding facility in pristine condition because as a veterinary clinic and boarding facility we know how to keep those nasty germs at bay!

Is the Boarding Area Well Ventilated?

Another contributing factor to the health of dogs in boarding facilities is the ventilation system of that facility. Imagine a boarding kennel that had poor or no ventilation! The air wouldn’t just get stuffy and unpleasant for the dogs staying there, but it would also become extremely unhealthy! Dogs in boarding require fresh air and high-quality ventilation and any boarding facility that hasn’t invested in providing these things for their guests is not a facility you should consider.

Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we not only have a premium ventilation system in our boarding area, but we also provide outdoor access for our dogs in their boarding suites. This indoor/outdoor suite option allows your dog to spend time outdoors during the daytime where they can enjoy a breath of fresh air!

Is the Facility Temperature Controlled?

When searching for “dog boarding near me” you need to be sure that the location you select is temperature controlled. In this day and age, no boarding facility should be without proper temperature regulation, but if you happen to run into one, make sure that you run the other way IMMEDIATELY!

Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we know just how sweltering those summer days can get and how chilly the winter nights can be! We also know that even when the temperature outside is just perfect, that doesn’t always mean that the temperature inside a boarding kennel is the same! That’s why we keep regular tabs on the temperature of our boarding facility and ensure that our guests are comfortable at all times.

Are Dogs Boarding Required to Be Vaccinated?

EVERY boarding facility should require that their canine boarders be up to date on any and all vaccinations. Allowing dogs that are unvaccinated to board in a facility opens up the kennel to the spread of illness and introduction of disease. Ask the boarding facility that you are considering what their policy on vaccinations is and if they ask what you mean, turn around and walk away. Your dog’s health depends on the vaccination policy of their boarding facility so make sure that your dog is in safe hands while you are away.

As a combination veterinary office and boarding facility in Raleigh, Leesville Animal Hospital requires every one of our boarders and our doggy daycare visitors be up to date on vaccinations. We also require that you provide detailed information on your dog’s interaction with others so that we can properly plan for their visit and ensure that they, and other guests, are happy and safe during their stay.

Does the Boarding Facility Offer Additional Services?

Leaving your dog in a boarding facility is worrisome enough, but if you’re worried about your dog doing nothing but sitting there all day and missing you…well…it’s devastating! Look for a boarding facility that offers your dog additional activities throughout the day that will not only keep them from missing you too much, but that will prevent them from becoming bored during their stay.

Here at Leesville Animal Hospital we offer a range of add on services for our overnight guests – dogs and cats! Our dogs all get the option of taking part in our doggy daycare activities, they are also offered additional walks, playtime sessions, and special treats too! We like to know that your dog is enjoying their stay with us as much as you are enjoying your vacation!

Does the Facility Have a Veterinarian On Staff?

One of the biggest concerns for pet parents when leaving their dog in boarding is that their dog will get ill while they are out of town. This is why you should always ask a boarding facility whether they have a veterinarian on staff or access to a veterinarian should one of the dogs in boarding become ill.

Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we are a combination facility that offers a plethora of veterinary services as well as boarding facilities. This allows us to provide veterinary services to our boarding guests when needed so that you never have to worry about your dog’s health while you’re away!

Are You Ready to Book Your Dog into the Top Raleigh Dog Boarding Facility?

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