4 Things About Doggy Day Care Raleigh Vets Want You To Know

Today we’re talking about 4 things about doggy day care Raleigh vets want you to know. Why? Because doggy day care is an important resource for pet parents but only when the day care you choose is a reputable one and only when incorporated into a healthy routine.

4 Things About Doggy Day Care Raleigh Vets Want You To Know

1. Your Dog MUST Be Up to Date on Vaccinations to Attend Day Care!

It may seem like an unfair requirement – all you want to do is give your pup a little playtime! But did you know that illnesses like kennel cough or Bordetella can spread like wildfire? (That’s also why we require your dog to be vaccinated before boarding with us.) Vaccinations don’t just help to keep your dog from infecting other dogs with preventable illnesses, but they also help to keep other dogs from infecting your dog!

We know that you have options when it comes to choosing a day camp for your dog, but if you are considering a doggy daycare in Raleigh that doesn’t require your dog to be vaccinated, please think twice.

2. Your Dog MUST be Socialized to Attend Doggy Day Care!

If you’ve ever been to a dog park where a dog parent is obviously not as aware of their dog’s social skills as they should be, you will understand the need for dogs at doggy day care to be well socialized. It’s not only unsafe to have an unsocialized dog in a group play setting, but it’s also unfair to the dogs in that setting as well. For the unsocialized dog, it’s an uncomfortable situation where they may feel scared or defensive. For the more socialized dogs in the group, having an unsocialized dog present can make them feel threatened, afraid, and eliminate the enjoyment of being at camp.

If your dog is not well socialized and you would like to have them take part in a playgroup session, we recommend consulting a local canine behaviorist or trainer who can work with your dog on socialization first. Even if you don’t plan on having your unsocialized dog take part in group play sessions, please consider consulting a behaviorist or trainer anyway. Unsocialized dogs are unhappy dogs and they can pose a serious risk to others if they get loose.

3. Day Care Isn’t Just About Playtime!

A lot of dog parents bring their dogs to our doggy day care Raleigh because they want their dog to have friends to play with while they are at work. This is a great reason to consider dog daycare, but it’s not the only one! Did you know that there are many other reasons to consider day camp for your dog? Some of these include:

  • Socialization – It’s a great chance for your dog to exercise their existing socialization skills.
  • Reduced anxiety – If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, doggy daycare can often help to keep them busy so they don’t have as much time to think about your absence.
  • Exercise – Many dog parents don’t have as much time (or energy) as they’d like to exercise their dog as much as they should. Doggy daycare is a great opportunity for your dog to get that exercise in! (Although it shouldn’t be a substitution for regular walks!)
  • Peace of Mind for You – If you worry about leaving your dog home alone while you’re at work, doggy daycare can make you feel more at ease. You can feel better knowing that they’re being supervised and well cared for while you’re away.
  • Better Behavior – Have you ever heard the saying “a tired dog is a happy dog”? Dogs that misbehave are often seeking attention, bored, or not well exercised, doggy daycare can take care of all three of these! (Although it shouldn’t be a substitution for training classes!)

4. Doggy Daycare is Flexible

Unlike signing your child up for soccer lessons where you pay for sessions that your child may or may not go to, doggy day care at Leesville Animal Hospital is flexible. You can pay per session, you can buy a few sessions at a time, or you can buy 10 sessions and get the 11th free with our VIP card! It’s up to you how you want to buy your dog’s daycare sessions and you can use them when you like. You have control over when your dog takes part in day camp so that you can adjust their schedule to meet your work schedule and your dog’s energy level.

Looking For a Doggy Day Care Raleigh Vets Recommend?

If you’re looking for a doggy day care Raleigh vets trust just pick up the phone and give us a call here at Leesville Animal Hospital at (919)870-7000! With summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to take advantage of our indoor doggy day care play facility!

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