Doggy Daycare in Raleigh NC: 10 Reasons Your Dog Needs to Attend Daycare!

doggy daycare in Raleigh NC

Doggy daycare in Raleigh NC isn’t just about giving your dog a chance to burn off some extra energy while you get your errands done. Doggy daycare offers a range of benefits for your dog and today we’re talking about those benefits and reminding you that we have one of the biggest indoor/outdoor doggy daycare facilities in Raleigh!

10 Reasons Your Dog Needs to Visit Our Doggy Daycare in Raleigh NC!

1. Energy Release

Okay, this isn’t the only reason that your dog should go to doggy daycare, but it’s a pretty good one! Most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle – we take our dogs for a walk before we go to work and after we get home and the real playtime is limited to weekends and days off. Our dogs weren’t made to be such sedentary creatures. Attending doggy daycare gives them a chance to get all of that energy burned off so that they can feel “balanced” physically and psychologically.

2. Socialization

Socialization is another important reason why your dog should attend doggy daycare! Being around other dogs should be fun for your dog and doggy daycare gives them this chance to socialize. We know, we like to think we’re “good enough” for our dogs too, but a well-rounded dog should be socialized with other dogs as well as strangers, children, and animals of other species.

3. Respite for You

This is particularly important if you have had a change in your life circumstances lately that has resulted in less activity for your active dog. When this type of change occurs both we and our dogs feel frazzled and a little disoriented. A doggy daycare session a couple times a week can help to give you a break and provide your dog with a fun outlet for that pent-up energy.

4. Protected Play

Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we screen all of our doggy daycare attendees to ensure that they are up to date on vet care and sociable. This means that your dog has a chance to play safely and while it doesn’t always prevent squabbles, we have eagle-eyed staff members monitoring our day campers to ensure that any potential problems are stopped before they escalate. Compare this to a dog park where you have no idea who your dog is interacting with, whether they have current vaccination records, and when their owner is usually distracted by their smartphone… The protection of doggy daycare is just a smarter choice.

5. A Change of Pace

Cabin fever gets to us all and your dog is no exception. While dogs thrive on routine and structure, they still like to experience diversity and doing so makes them more flexible in their acceptance of changes in the future. Whether it’s a walk somewhere new, a different type of treat, or a day at daycare to break the monotony, your dog will thank you for adding a little variety to their life.

6. Enrichment

Incorporating various types of enrichment activities into our dog’s lives allows them to grow, but in our homes, we can only provide so much variety in enrichment. By bringing your dog to doggy daycare you provide new environments for them to explore, new humans for them to play with, and canine company to stimulate their brain in ways that you as a human never could!

7. Learning Social Cues

If you have just one dog at home, doggy daycare is also a great way to help your dog to learn canine social cues. To positively interact with other dogs, your dog must be able to read and understand the body language and vocalizations of other dogs. Doggy daycare builds your dog’s ability to do this through monitored interactions. For example, your dog will come to distinguish a “happy dog” from a dog who does not want to play.

8. Reduction in Destructive Behavior

Many dogs who are “problem dogs” or destructive in the home take part in these behaviors because they are bored or under-exercised. By booking your dog into doggy daycare, you give them a chance for interaction and exercise that will leave them exhausted by the time they get home. That means no more destruction in your home because your dog is too busy sleeping!

9. Less Chance of Developing Separation Anxiety

While dogs with existing separation anxiety don’t always do well with doggy daycare, regularly bringing your dog to doggy daycare can reduce the chances of your dog developing separation anxiety in the future. During their time in daycare, your dog will remain distracted by sights, sounds, smells, and friends which will leave them very little time to worry about what you are up to!

10. A Better Sleep Schedule

This is probably more of a benefit for you than it is for your dog, but of course, a good night’s rest is always beneficial for everyone!

When you bring your dog to doggy daycare, they get the chance to take part in high-energy play with other dogs. This gives your dog the chance to

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