Doggy Daycare Raleigh Dogs Can Look Forward To!

When it comes to doggy daycare Raleigh dogs can look forward to, not all facilities fit the bill. What do we mean? Well, not all dog daycares in Raleigh are created equal. Don’t get us wrong, there are some really fabulous dog day care facilities in Raleigh, but not all of them offer the level of service that your dog deserves.

Doggy Daycare Raleigh Dogs Can Look Forward To!

So, what type of thing does a great doggy daycare in Raleigh offer?

A Safe Play Space!

The first thing that EVERY doggy daycare Raleigh dogs can enjoy should have is a safe play space. What does that mean? It means that the doggy daycare space should be confined so that none of the dogs can get lost, be taken by people passing by, escape, run out into nearby roads, etc. It also means that the play space doesn’t have any obstacles, items, or landmarks that can pose an injury hazard to any of the dogs playing.

At Leesville Animal Hospital we have multiple doggy daycare spaces and they are all well-secured areas away from public areas and created for doggy play and always monitored to ensure that our furry friends are safe and cared for like our own.

Plenty of Room to Play!

In addition to being a safe space, a good doggy daycare should always have plenty of room to play! After all, what fun is a daycare where you can’t run around freely and play?

Our daycare facility has three play areas including:

  • A 4,500 sq. ft. outdoor grassy play area which is our favorite play space for spring, early summer, fall, and light winters!
  • A 1,200 sq. ft. indoor playroom which has plenty of room to run and is a great place to play when the summer sun is out in full force!
  • A 5,000 sq. ft. outdoor paved play area which is perfect for bouncing tennis balls off and having summer pool fun!

Indoor Temperature Controlled Playspace

Having an indoor temperature controlled playspace is crucial for a doggy daycare Raleigh dogs can enjoy. Why? Because your dog should be able to play year round but that play should always be safe and that means that there is no possibility of your dog overheating or getting too cold because the only play space available is outdoors!

When temperatures soar and it gets far too hot for our pups outside or when they drop and it’s just too cold, we never put your dogs at risk by playing outside anyway! We head in to play in our indoor playspace where everyone can play safely without getting overheated or too chilled.

A Safe Environment

Having a safe environment is just as important as having a safe play space. What do we mean by a “safe environment”? Well, we mean that all of the canine guests at the day camp are safe with each other! That means that they are current on all of their vaccinations, they are friendly and sociable dogs, and that they are spayed or neutered! Unfortunately, not all dog daycare choices are careful about who they allow to play because they are more concerned about making a profit than they are about keeping their dogs safe.

At Leesville, we ensure that EVERY one of our day campers meets certain safety requirements before they are allowed to come and play. We do this for the safety of everyone and to keep playtime fun!


Supervision isn’t something that every camp offers, but it’s something that every camp should offer if you are to trust them with your dog. Even when dogs are sociable, friendly, well trained, spayed or neutered, etc. sometimes bad days happen. It could be that someone is tired, that someone is a little achy, it could be anything and when those moments happen it’s important that someone is there to see the situation and de-escalate.

For example, if one of our middle-aged dogs has been playing all morning and is tired and a younger dog keeps trying to play with them, having someone supervising means that there is someone there to see what is happening before things get out of control.

At Leesville, we always have supervisors keeping a watchful eye on our campers so that everyone stays safe!

Rest Periods

Some doggy daycare Raleigh options advertise that they allow dogs to play all day. This may sound like a great deal for your dog, but imagine if you went to work from 9 to 5 and the whole day, you were forced to play and run around as though it was eight hours of playing tag at recess. Sure, it’s fun for a little while, but you’re going to get tired and tired means cranky.

It’s important for all of us to get a break sometimes and our dogs are no different! That’s why we always split our dog daycare into two sessions so that in the middle of the day, your dog can take a break, get a little rest, and charge up for their afternoon play time!

Bring Your Dog to a Doggy Daycare Raleigh Dogs Love!

Ready to bring your dog to a doggy daycare Raleigh dogs love? If so, head over to our doggy daycare information page where you will find information on our Raleigh doggy daycare rates as well as the forms you will need to fill in so that we can take the best care of your pup while they’re in our charge!

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