Don’t Forget Your Pet’s Dental Exam This February!

February is Dental Month!As we head into February this week, we want to take a moment to remind you of the dental special we are running at Leesville!

During the month of February, book your dog in for a dental cleaning and you will get a 10% discount. Plus, after your dog’s dental cleaning you will get a great goodie bag to keep up with their dental health!

Why is dental health so important?

Just like us, our dog’s teeth gather plaque over time and when that plaque isn’t cleaned it can lead to cavities and infection.

That’s not all, though, when dental disease sets in and is allowed to progress unchecked, teeth can be lost, pain can cause your dog to stop eating, and bacteria can even travel from the mouth to liver, kidneys, and heart.

What happens when bacteria spreads to the rest of the body? Untreated, a systemic bacterial infection can lead to death.

So what can you do to promote proper dental hygiene? In addition to an annual cleaning, you should make a habit of brushing your dog’s teeth at least two to three times a week.

Dental toys and bones can also be beneficial in scraping plaque from your dog’s teeth to prevent buildup.

So, how long has it been since your dog’s last dental cleaning? If it’s about time, give us a call and make your appointment this February and you will save 10%!

You can reach us at (919)870-7000

Oh, and don’t forget to enter our Facebook photo contest so your pup can enjoy a spa and play day and show off their sparkly white smile!

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