Hydro Therapy For Dogs Raleigh NC

Hydro therapy for dogs Raleigh NC is a great solution for those aching joints with colder months creeping in. There are many reasons why your dog can benefit from North Carolina canine hydrotherapy here at Leesville Animal Hospital, though. We are one of the few locations in the state of North Carolina with dog hydro therapy in Raleigh Durham and we see a wide variety of clients come in to take advantage of our services.

Some FAQ’s About Hydro Therapy For Dogs Raleigh NC


Do I Need a Referral For Canine Hydrotherapy?

There are very few dogs that would not benefit from hydrotherapy; however, there are some cases in which hydrotherapy is not recommended such as dogs that have just had surgery. For this reason, we like all of our hydrotherapy dogs to have a veterinarian recommendation. This also helps us to track your dog’s progress during their therapy while keeping an eye on any areas of concern.

Is Dog Hydro Therapy Raleigh at Leesville Monitored?

Some of our pet parents are concerned that their dogs will be left in the hydrotherapy tank during their therapy without any supervision. We take your dog’s safety seriously and they are never left unattended during a therapy session. In fact, a hydrotherapy technician is right by their side encouraging them to keep on trucking. This means that they are also available in case your pup gives a sign that they really are finished for the day. We don’t like to push our hydrotherapy dogs harder than they are comfortable with, so having someone by their side makes sure that if they throw in the towel, their therapy can be stopped right away.

What is the Cost of Dog Hydro Therapy Raleigh?

A lot of clients ask us about the cost of hydrotherapy for their dog here in Raleigh. The cost for hydrotherapy is based upon a number of factors, most importantly, the prescribed course of exercise that your pet requires to build strength. Depending on your individual pet’s health, age and current surgical status (among other things) you may find that you can benefit most from a package deal on hydrotherapy sessions to help you save while your dog benefits from treatment. We have a few packages available on dog hydro therapy Raleigh services and they are all designed to save you money so that you don’t have to break the bank while providing your dog therapy that they need.

If you are interested in having your dog take part in our Raleigh Durham dog hydrotherapy program give us a call at (919) 870 – 7000 and make an appointment to see one of our veterinarians to discuss what plan of hydrotherapy might be best for your dog!


  1. Michelle Maynard

    I am very interested in hydrotherapy for my almost 15 year old Black Lab. I asked his vet about it just because he has been losing muscle tone and strength in his back legs/hips/hind end and I think it would help to build his strength back up. At least to make it easier for walking and getting around. He doesn’t really like the car and I work full time, so it isn’t logical that I can bring him to Raleigh. Do you know of anyone in the High Point, Greensboro, Winston-Salem area? I have searched internet and been unable to find, but I thought you might have a connection here or some professional resources. Thank you for any input to ease my Lab’s discomfort and increase his strength. Michelle

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