Pet Groomers Raleigh NC Trust Share 10 Reasons Why Grooming is Good for Your Pet’s Health

pet groomers Raleigh NCPet groomers Raleigh NC trust here at Leesville Animal Hospital are checking in today with some top tips on why grooming is good for your pet’s health!

Not sure what’s so important about staying on top of your pet’s grooming? Take a look at these ten top reasons why your pet needs regular grooming to stay healthy!

Pet Groomers Raleigh NC Trust Share 10 Reasons Why Grooming is Good For Your Dog’s Health

1. Identification of Ticks and Fleas!

Fleas and ticks can be hidden under thick ungroomed fur. Staying on top of your pet’s grooming can make it much easier to identify pests like this and get them taken care of ASAP! Left untreated, these pests can cause a range of health problems like anemia.

2. Prevention of Mats and Tangles

By far one of the biggest concerns, when your pet’s fur is allowed to grow out of control, is matting and tangling. Without regular brushing and trimming dirt, debris, oils and dead skin can accumulate and cause tangles or mats in your pet’s fur. This can lead to a buildup of bacteria, added weight on your pet’s coat, and cause your dog’s fur to get caught while scratching and pull leading to pain and even bleeding.

3. Early Identification of Skin Rashes

Keeping your pet’s coat well trimmed and free from dead hair will allow you to monitor your pet’s skin for health. Some health concerns can begin will smaller signs like rashes on the skin and catching these smaller signs can mean catching illness before it gets out of control. A great example of this is Lyme disease. Just like humans, dogs can get a target-shaped rash when bitten by a tick carrying Lyme disease. By keeping your pet’s coat shorter you can check for ticks more easily as well as look for signs of that target-shaped rash! It’s not just Lyme disease, though, heat rash, hot spots, and bacterial skin infections are all visible on the skin if you keep your eyes open!

4. Prevent Overheating

Certain breeds of cats and dogs require regular grooming due to their coat type. If you forgo grooming and allow their coat to grow out of control, you are contributing to the likelihood that your pet will overheat as well as the likelihood that they will develop heavy mats and tangles.

5. Prevent Nail Overgrowth

Nail trims are another part of regular grooming that is necessary because nail overgrowth can not only cause nails to grow into your pet’s feet, but overgrown nails can also inhibit your pet’s balance, posture, and ability to walk!

6. Check Anal Gland Health

Anal glands are a topic that few pet owners want to talk about, but it’s an important topic to discuss! For some pets, anal glands don’t cause trouble at all because they regularly express themselves, but some pets, in particular, have trouble with regular anal gland expression. In these instances, manual expression of the glands is necessary and that’s all part of a regular grooming session.

7. Maintain Good Ear Health

For some dogs, hair growing in the ears can be a real problem. It can not only lead to wax or debris collecting in their ears, but it can also lead to impaired hearing when that debris begins to build up! A good grooming session will allow for that hair to be carefully trimmed!

8. Checking for Lumps and Bumps

Regular grooming reduces the added bulk from your pet’s coat and allows you to check more efficiently for lumps and bumps on your pet’s body. This is especially true for pets with very thick coats where you really have to work to get down to your pet’s skin.

9. Reduce Shedding

Dogs and longhaired cats shed, it’s a fact of life. Regularly brushing your pet can reduce the amount of shedding that your pet does, but so too can regular grooming. If your cat or dog has long fur, regular grooming will reduce the amount of dead hair in their coat and as a result, reduce the amount of hair that they will shed in your home. The added benefit of this is that your pet’s coat will look healthier and their skin health won’t suffer under the weight of dead hair. Just make sure to stay on top of regular grooming sessions.

10. Avoid Obstruction of Your Pet’s Senses

Overgrown fur can not only irritate your cat or dog’s eyes, but it can also obstruct their senses. Some cats and dogs can even lose their sight completely when their fur is allowed to grow out of control over their eyes! Regular grooming will keep the hair around your dog’s eyes short enough for them to see and short enough so that it doesn’t poke their eyes constantly creating discharge from irritation.

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