Raleigh Cat Veterinarian: How Do I Know if My Cat is Sick?

As a top Raleigh cat veterinarian, here at Leesville Animal Hospital we know that it can be quite difficult as a cat parent to know just how your cat is feeling. They are true masters of disguise when it comes to showing just how they feel, today we want to share some of the signs that might tip you off when your cat is feeling under the weather.

Raleigh Cat Veterinarian: How Do I Know if My Cat is Sick?

If you have a cat then you know that sometimes they can be elusive, particularly when they aren’t feeling like themselves but the following signs may help to tip you off…

Is My Cat Sick?

Changes in Litterbox Habits

If your cat goes from using their litterbox with no issues at all to suddenly having problems using their litterbox properly, it may be that something is going on. A common cause of this type of symptom is a urinary tract infection.

Drastic Weight Gain or Weight Loss

If you have noticed an unusual weight gain or weight loss in your cat it’s definitely time to pay your Raleigh cat veterinarian a visit. Any type of sudden weight change can be indicative of a variety of health concerns but it’s crucial to catch whatever the problem is early so head to your vet ASAP.

Mucous or Blood

The presence of mucous or blood in vomit, saliva, urine, or feces is a significant red flag and a sign that you should get to your vet immediately. This can be a symptom of a variety of things that range from digestive tract irritation to something much more serious. Whatever the cause, though, it’s necessary for your vet to check your cat over ASAP to prevent ongoing discomfort or excessive blood loss.

Changes in Bowel or Bladder Movements

In addition to failing to use their litterbox, if you notice changes in your cat’s bowel or bladder movements in terms of consistency or odor, it may be a sign that you should check in with your vet. Bowel changes may include ongoing constipation, frequent diarrhea, more odorous than usual bowel movements, or color changes. Bladder changes may include more frequent urination, strong urine odor, or color changes.

Behavioral Changes

If you do notice any behavioral changes in your cat it’s a good sign that something is going on. They may go from being exceptionally affectionate to isolating themselves or avoiding your affection or they may go from being very independent to being much more affectionate. Any drastic change in behavior is a cause for concern and requires a visit to your vet. Causes can include anything from having a tick to something much more serious.

Appetite or Drinking Pattern Changes

If you notice that your cat is much more hungry than usual, never hungry and is unable to finish a meal, is drinking more than usual, or is not drinking at all, then it’s another big sign that something is wrong and that you should make an appointment with your cat’s vet.

Mobility Changes

If your cat shows any changes in mobility it’s time to get to the vet. These changes may include limping, lameness, reluctance to walk, refusing to bear weight on a limb, dragging a limb, disorientation or loss of balance while walking, or a change in gait. These can all be a sign of superficial injury, major injury, or a neurological concern. If you see any of these signs and they do not resolve in a couple of days (with the exception of the complete inability to walk or any signs of neurological problems such as loss of balance or disorientation which require immediate intervention), you should see your vet.

A Feeling that Something is “Off”

There is no medical term to explain it, but with our pets – as with our children, we get to know their “normal” pattern of behavior, emotional expression, likes and dislikes, etc. If you have a gut feeling that something is “off” even if you can’t put your finger on exactly what it is, it’s a feeling worth paying attention to. You know your cat’s demeanor better than anyone else and you are the best person to notice even the smallest change that could indicate that something is wrong.

Ask Yourself The Following Questions

If your cat isn’t showing any of the signs noted above, take a look at the following list of questions. The answers to these questions can also help you to determine whether your cat is feeling under the weather.

  • Has your cat had a recent change in appetite?
  • Does your cat’s breath smell bad?
  • Has your cat been going to the bathroom outside of the litter box?
  • Has your cat experienced a significant weight change?
  • Has your cat started showing behavioral changes?
  • Has your cat changed their grooming habits?
  • Has your cat begun changing their activity levels?
  • Has your cat begun exhibiting a difference in sleeping habits?
  • Has your cat begun showing stress-induced behaviors?
  • Has your cat’s voice changed?

Call Our Raleigh Cat Veterinarians if Your Cat Seems Under the Weather

If you have noticed any of these changes OR if you are unsure as to whether your cat is feeling unwell, make sure that you give us a call and make an appointment to see one of our vets today! You can contact us at (919)870-7000

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