Raleigh Dog Groomers: What Your Groomer Can Do For You

Our Raleigh dog groomers love their job which is what makes them so great at what they do! If you’re new to pet ownership or have just never been a parent to a dog that requires grooming before, however, you may be wondering what it is that a groomer does for your pet during a grooming session. Well, wonder no more, because we’ve got the scoop!

Raleigh Dog Groomers: What Your Groomer Can Do For You

If you’re a new pet parent to a dog that requires grooming, you may feel a little out of your depth. You know that your dog needs grooming, but beyond that, you’re lost. Well, here’s what you need to know…

The Basics

When you bring your dog in for a grooming session, your dog is going to get bathed and have their coat trimmed.  Our pet spa offers a unique Hydro-Surge bathing system that’s designed to improve overall skin health by delivering oxygen while bathing your dog!

When it comes to trims, the type of trim that your dog receives is up to you or you can leave it to your groomer to cut your dog’s coat according to their coat type.

Traditional Cuts

Our groomers are familiar with the traditional coat cuts for different dog breeds including show cuts and less formal cuts. You can ask our groomers to cut your dog’s coat according to any of these standard cuts if you want your dog to have that more traditional appearance. If you have a mixed breed, our groomers can use these cuts as a reference to clip your dog’s coat according to their coat type and length. For example, if you have a pup who resembles a schnauzer, our groomers can clip your dog’s coat to resemble traditional schnauzer cuts.

Just a Trim

If you’re not looking for a specific type of cut and are looking for a simple trim of your dog’s coat instead, our groomers are happy to help you there too! Whether it’s trimming the hair from your dog’s face so that they can have a clearer field of vision or trimming hair in more sensitive places for hygienic reasons, we’ve got you covered!


The smell of wet dog isn’t something that most people revel in, so of course, our groomers will dry your dog’s newly clipped coat. Your dog will look amazing with their pristine coat and a new haircut, but best of all, they won’t be stressed to breaking point because our groomers use a gentle approach to drying and constantly monitor your dog’s demeanor while they are going through the drying process.

Not Just Clipping

Our pet spa doesn’t just provide bathing, coat clipping, and drying services, we also offer all of the extras (including those more unpleasant jobs that you just can’t face yourself!)

Ear Cleaning

Ear cleaning is an important part of your dog’s overall health maintenance schedule. Proper ear cleaning means making sure that your dog’s ears are thoroughly dried, free from problem hair, free from any buildup, and show no signs of infection.

Anal Gland Expression

This is the job that no pet parent wants to take care of – we understand, it’s not the most pleasant task! But, for some dogs, it’s crucial that they have their anal glands expressed manually to prevent impaction and infection. But don’t worry, our groomers can take care of your dog’s anal gland expression during their grooming process.

Nail Trims

If you’ve ever had to trim your dog’s nails yourself, you know that it can be a struggle. Many times, dogs that have an aversion to having their parents trim their nails at home, are as good as gold when it comes to having their nails trimmed while being groomed. Even if your dog isn’t too happy about nail trimming, though, our veterinary staff can put them at ease and get the job done with as little stress as possible.

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