Raleigh Holiday Boarding: 10 Things to Remember This Season

If you’re a pet parent who is traveling for the holidays, then there’s a pretty good chance that Raleigh holiday boarding is going to play a role in your schedule. As we approach “drop off week” for the holidays, we wanted to share a few things that you should remember…

Raleigh Holiday Boarding: 10 Things to Remember This Season

1. Drop Off

Drop your pet off for boarding as early as you can. This will give them time to adjust to being away from home before bedtime rolls around. It’s easier for your pet to fall asleep at night if they’re not still trying to adjust to the change in schedule and environment.

2. Don’t Forget Preventatives

Don’t forget to give your pet their monthly preventatives if they are due for them before you drop them off. If your pet will be due for their preventatives while they are boarding, let us know and we will arrange to have it taken care of so that your pet is properly protected against pests and parasites.

3. If You Bring Something From Home…

It often helps your pet to adjust to a boarding situation and to being away from home if you bring something from home like their bedding or bed. This provides them with a familiar scent as well as a comfort of home. Please remember, though, that sometimes items can get damaged or even lost while your pet is boarding so don’t bring irreplaceable items. It’s also important that if you do bring something to make your pet feel more at home that it’s something safe for your pet and not something that could be swallowed or broken causing injury.

4. Communicate With the Boarding Facility

If your pet us feeling under the weather or has symptoms or behavior changes before you drop them off for boarding, make sure to communicate with us. It’s not just important for us to know if your pet is under the weather so that we can provide them with any care they might need, but it’s also important that we make sure none of the other pets in the facility are at risk of becoming ill.

5. Don’t Draw Out Goodbyes

Just like dropping off your child for their first day in school, when you drop off your pet for their boarding stay, make your goodbyes as quickly as possible. The longer you linger and love on your pet, the more they are going to feel like something is wrong or out of the ordinary. We know that it’s difficult to leave your pets for any reason, but know that they are in good hands and the best thing you can do is drop them off like it’s any other day at doggy daycare!

6. Don’t Forget Medicines

If your pet is currently taking any medications, don’t forget to bring those medications with you when you drop them off. Clearly mark medications with your pet’s name and their dose information – for example “Fluffy, two capsules in the AM.” Also make sure that you notify staff and mark on your pet’s boarding forms that they require medication and how often they require their medications. It’s very important that you are as clear as possible about your pet’s medication needs.

7. Feeding Arrangements

When you book your pet for boarding you have the choice to bring your pet’s food or for us to feed them our in-house food choice. If you prefer not to change your pet’s diet that’s perfectly fine, but be sure to let us know that your pet will be eating their own food while staying with us. When you bring your pet’s food, be sure to mark their feeding portions clearly. Better still, it makes feeding time for everyone much easier if you can pre-portion each meal into seperate bags and mark each with your dog’s information, for example: “Fluffy Jones, Breakfast”.

Have Raleigh Holiday Boarding Questions?

If you have Raleigh holiday boarding questions before dropping your pet off with us this week, we encourage you to give us a call at (919)870-7000. Our North Raleigh vets and veterinary staff would be happy to answer any questions that you might have and help you to prepare for dropping your pet off for their stay with us!

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