Raleigh Hydrotherapy: Rehabilitation and Mobility Benefits

Our Raleigh hydrotherapy service is a popular one. It’s not that ours is one of the only hydrotherapy tanks in the area, but it’s the rehabilitation and mobility benefits that hydrotherapy offers that makes our hydrotherapy so popular. If you’re not familiar with canine hydrotherapy or the benefits that it offers, then keep reading because today that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about!

Raleigh hydrotherapy

Raleigh Hydrotherapy: Rehabilitation and Mobility Benefits

Most pet parents aren’t aware of hydrotherapy at all and when they walk into our clinic and see our hydrotherapy tank they have questions. We’re always happy to answer those questions because we know just how much of a benefit water therapy can be to dogs of a variety of sizes, ages, and health backgrounds.

It wasn’t long before we came to realize, however, that it isn’t only the clients who come to our clinic and see our hydrotherapy tank who have questions. We found that many pet parents in Raleigh who have never heard of water therapy are searching for something that offers the rehabilitation and mobility benefits that it provides, yet they don’t know where to start looking. These pet parents are searching the web for “low impact exercises for dogs”, “CCL surgery recovery“, “exercises for older dogs”…the list goes on and sadly, not enough of them are aware that the answer to their search lies just inside our North Raleigh veterinary clinic!

What Raleigh Dog Parents Need to Know About Hydrotherapy

If you are one of those pet parents who has been searching for answers for your dog’s physical health but who isn’t familiar with hydrotherapy, here are a few basics…

  • A “hydro tank” is a tank with a treadmill at the bottom.
  • The tank fills with warm water while your dog stands on the motionless treadmill.
  • Once full and when your dog is in place, the treadmill will begin to move at a slow pace.
  • The pace, water level, and length of time of your dog’s hydro session will be established by our veterinary staff so that your dog is never overtaxed.
  • Your dog will be monitored at all times while in the hydrotherapy tank.
  • After a hydrotherapy session, the tank is drained and depending on their hydro plan, they will go through physical therapy or icing of problem areas.

Benefits to Your Dog’s Rehabilitation

Water therapy in a controlled environment like our “hydro tank” in Raleigh has many positive benefits to your dog’s rehabilitation.

The most significant reason that this type of therapy is beneficial to dogs in need of rehab is the buoyancy and the temperature of the water in the tank. When our dogs have undergone surgery or have experienced an injury, it’s often important to keep the affected area moving to prevent muscle atrophy and stiffness and to get the blood flowing to the area. As more blood flows to the injured area, more oxygen is delivered and that promotes faster healing. With hydrotherapy for dogs, the heat of the water, as well as your dog’s movement, keeps the blood flowing but the buoyancy of the water makes sure that your dog is not over-exerting themselves by providing some “lift”.

This type of rehabilitation work must be done in a controlled environment, however, to ensure that the water is sterile and that your dog is never overtaxed which risks the possibility of reinjuring the area.

Benefits to Your Dog’s Mobility

In addition to helping dogs who have experienced injury or surgery, water therapy is also beneficial to dogs who have difficulty with mobility. For example, dogs with arthritis that makes their joints painful. These dogs must exercise to keep their weight within a healthy range because being overweight only taxes their injured joints even more. The problem is that exercising becomes exceptionally difficult when it’s limited by pain. In this situation, many pet parents resign themselves to allowing their dogs to become overweight and having a “couch potato” dog. Unfortunately for these dogs, that life leads to more pain, additional health concerns, and boredom! As you can see, the problem becomes worse, not better! Fortunately, hydrotherapy offers the answer.

Dogs with limited mobility benefit from hydrotherapy because the buoyancy of the water reduces the overall strain that is put on the joints while they are moving. The warmth of the water in the tank is also very important because it helps to relieve pain by relaxing muscles, increasing blood flow and promoting healing, and helps to relieve any muscle spasms associated with inflammation.

Can hydrotherapy for canines eliminate all of your dog’s arthritis symptoms? Unfortunately not. Arthritis damage is irreversible, but you can help to relieve your dog’s pain through a planned and monitored hydrotherapy routine and you can also improve their strength and flexibility providing them with a much better quality of life.

Looking For Raleigh Hydrotherapy For Dogs?

If you’re looking for Raleigh hydrotherapy for dogs to provide your pup with the many rehabilitation and mobility benefits that water therapy offers, Leesville Animal Hospital can help! Our hydrotherapy tank is available for dogs of all sizes and for those in need of rehabilitation or simply a more manageable form of exercise therapy. To find out more about how hydrotherapy could benefit your dog, give us a call today at (919)870-7000.

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