Raleigh NC Boarding Kennel: What to Look For in a Reputable Facility

Are you looking for a Raleigh NC boarding kennel? As one of Raleigh’s top boarding facilities, here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we know what it takes to be a top quality facility. That’s why today we’re sharing a list of “must-haves” when it comes to finding a boarding kennel that meets your needs.

Qualities of a Top Raleigh NC Boarding Kennel

When you decide to board your dog in a Raleigh NC boarding kennel, we know that it’s a BIG decision. You are not only trusting someone else to take care of your beloved pup, but you are trusting them to provide for their comfort, security, and wellness. Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we take this responsibility very seriously which is why we maintain such top quality standards for our facility, qualifications for our staff members, and medical and behavioral guidelines for our boarding guests.

Clean, Roomy, and Secure Facilities

A few of the most important things to look for in a Raleigh NC boarding kennel are sanitation, space, and security.

A clean facility is a must. Not only does cleanliness make your dog’s stay with us more pleasant for them, but it also safeguards your dog’s health. When you walk into a boarding facility you should look for these key features:

  • A clean smelling facility – avoid a facility that has a strong odor or ammonia, urine, or feces.
  • No standing waste – it’s not practical to think that dogs never have accidents in their boarding area, but it’s crucial that your dog’s boarding facility doesn’t leave standing waste. Standing waste is unsanitary, can contribute to health problems, and it’s just unpleasant for your dog to have to be around! Look for a facility that is designed to keep accidents away from your pup (drainage systems, raised floors, etc.), that provides regular access to outdoor space or that regularly monitors boarding areas to keep them waste-free!
  • Roomy facilities – avoid facilities that don’t provide your dog enough room to stretch out and move around. To be comfortable, your dog should be able to stand up, stretch out, and move around. Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we even have indoor and outdoor runs so that your pup can step outside into a secure outdoor space and get some fresh air!
  • Secure facilities – it’s crucial that your dog’s boarding kennel is secure for your dog’s safety and for your peace of mind. Look for a facility that has secured areas for every pup staying there and a facility where you feel secure leaving your dog.

Qualified Staff Members

When comparing each Raleigh NC boarding kennel facility for your dog, pay attention to the staff members who are working in the facility. From the reception area staff to the boarding kennel workers, look for people who enjoy their job, who are happy to be there, and who enjoy working with dogs. More importantly, look for a facility where dogs are happy with the people working with them. If you notice dogs shying away from staff members or dogs showing signs of fear, cross that facility off your list right away! Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we ensure that our qualified staff members are experienced in caring for animals and that our furry guests are comfortable with their presence; after all, if our pups aren’t happy, we’re not happy.

Medical and Behavioral Guidelines for Guests

A reputable boarding kennel should have medical and behavioral guidelines in place for guests. These guidelines are designed to keep everyone staying at the kennel safe including your pup. Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we have these types of policies in place including a requirement for all guests in our kennel to be up to date on vaccinations and all of our guests who want to take part in our doggy daycare must be approved based on their behavior as well as being spayed or neutered. If a kennel you are considering does not have any of these types of regulations in place, it’s time to consider somewhere else.

Ready to Stay at the Top Raleigh NC Boarding Kennel Facility?

If you’re tired of looking for a new Raleigh NC boarding kennel and would like to visit our North Raleigh boarding kennel to see if we’re the right match for you, pick up the phone and give us a call at (919)870-7000! Or read up on our facility here before you call!

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