10 Things to Remember Before Dropping Your Pet Off For Raleigh Pet Boarding

Things to Remember Before Dropping Your Pet Off For Raleigh Pet Boarding


When dropping pets off for Raleigh pet boarding services most of our clients are in a rush. They have a million and one errands to run before heading out of town and it’s easy to forget any number of things! That’s why today we want to cover a helpful list of 10 things to remember before dropping your pet off for boarding in hopes that it helps to make your rushed days

a little more organized!

10 Things to Remember Before Dropping Your Pet Off For Raleigh Pet Boarding

1. Food!

Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we feed our guests IVet Canine Maintenance food. If you would prefer to have your pet continue on their current food while they are staying with us don’t forget to pack it! Many of our pet parents prefer to individually bag their pet’s food in serving sizes and put those individual servings inside a larger bag with their pet’s name and feeding instructions written on the front. Other pet parents just bring their pet’s food in the original packaging with a clip to keep it sealed. These parents should also write their pet’s name and feeding instructions on the original packaging.

Providing us immediate access to your pet’s feeding instructions by writing them on your pet’s food bag helps us greatly in streamlining mealtimes and we appreciate it very much!

2. Medications!

If your pet takes any medications that they will need while you are away, be sure to bring those medications with you! Please also make sure that there are clear dosing instructions on the medication bottle or written and attached to the medication bottle. We will also ask you to provide this information on your boarding forms, but again, it helps us to keep things streamlined to have immediate access to specific dosing information on the medication bottle!

Some medications you may want to pack with your pet’s belongings include medication for pain control, any antibiotics your pet is currently taking, joint supplements, medications for chronic health conditions, or monthly preventatives if they are due while you are away!

3. Vaccinations!

Vaccinations are something you need to keep in mind BEFORE the day you are due to drop your pet off at any boarding facility. Why? Because even the most pristine boarding facility can put pets at risk for picking up illness! We ask that you keep your pet up to date on all necessary vaccinations to protect them as well as to protect our other residents in boarding, so please don’t be selfish and stay on top of your pet’s vaccination schedule.

If your pet is up to date on vaccinations but has symptoms of illness when they are due to stay in our boarding facility, please let us know beforehand so that we can make any necessary decisions to protect the health of all of our boarders.

4. Completed Boarding Forms!

You can fill in our boarding forms at the clinic when you drop off your pet for boarding, but it’s always easier to fill them in at home and bring them with you! So many of our clients wind up tied in knots trying to fill in their forms, juggle children, and manage their pet at the same time so why not fill in your forms at home and take your time? You can download and print our boarding admission form here. Just don’t forget to bring it with you!

5. Bedding!

Some pet parents like to bring their pet’s bedding with them when dropping them off for boarding. Some bring a favorite blanket and some bring favorite beds, whatever you decide to bring for your pet just make sure that it is clearly marked with their name, safe, sanitary, and will fit inside their boarding suite!

We always want to make our boarding guests feel at home, but please understand that your pet’s health and safety comes first so keep this in mind when deciding which items to bring with your pet when boarding!

6. A Comfort Item!

Much like bedding items, some pet parents like to bring a comfort item, for example, a stuffed toy or ball with their pet’s name clearly marked. Also like bedding items, we always want our boarding guests to feel at home, but we have to ensure that the one comfort item you bring is safe to leave with your pet and we use our discretion when making that decision.

7. Your Contact Information!

Making a note of your personal contact information where we can reach you while you are away is crucial. We request this information on your boarding admissions form, but you’d be amazed at how many pet parents forget to bring their out of town contact numbers with them when dropping their pets off! Simply write your information down on a notecard if you plan to fill in your paperwork at our office or fill in your paperwork at home so you have all the information you need on hand!

8. Your Emergency Contact Person’s Information!

When dropping your pet off for Raleigh pet boarding it’s also important that we have emergency contact information for someone who is permitted to act on your behalf. A local contact is always best in the event of an emergency situation, however, an out of town family member will suffice in the event that we are unable to contact you or that you are incapacitated and unable to pick up your pet after their stay!

9. Activity Schedule!

Here at Leesville, we offer a range of add-on services for our boarding pets to make their stay exciting and as busy as possible so that they don’t have time to sit around missing you! If you want to include any of these add-on activities or services to your pet’s stay make a note of which activities you would like and on which days you would like them.

You can find a list of the add-on services that we offer on our boarding page here.

10. Special Notations!

Finally, if there is anything else that you feel that we should know about your pet in order to make their stay more comfortable please don’t forget to tell us! For example, if it’s not uncommon for Fluffy to leave her breakfast in the morning let us know or if Rover is currently experiencing an upset tummy tell us!

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