Raleigh Pet Care Tips For a Happy and Healthy Pet

Raleigh pet careHere at Leesville Animal Hospital, we do everything we can to promote positive pet parenting and one way that we do this is through our Raleigh pet care tips! Today we’re checking in again with some more great tips that you can put to use in your everyday life with your pet!

Raleigh Pet Care Tips From Your North Raleigh Vet!

Whether it’s February, July, or November, positive pet parenting means putting our Raleigh pet care tips to use all year round. Today, as we head into the middle of February (can you believe it?!) we thought that it was a good time to check in with some seasonally-appropriate Raleigh pet care tips that you can use to keep your dogs and cats happy and healthy at this time of year!

Don’t Be Fooled By the Weather!

You may have noticed over the past few weeks that our weather patterns have gone slightly haywire. We’ve been jumping from below freezing to close to eighty degrees! While we all love the warmer weather, it’s important not to let down your guard and pack away your pet’s winter supplies. Taking a long walk in the recent warm snap certainly was lovely, but as temperatures drop again, make sure that you are taking all of the necessary precautions to keep your pets protected against the cold! Sadly, we’re not out of those chilly temperatures just yet!

Keep An Eye on Those Ears!

Dog parents not so affectionately refer to summer as the “ear infection season” but when we experience warmer weather, it’s always important to keep an eye on those ears! When things outside warm up, our pups get excited to get out and explore and sometimes that means jumping in the pool or taking a swim at the lake. Just keep in mind that ear infections don’t only happen in the summertime when you combine wet ear canals and certain types of ear structures, you create the perfect opportunity for bacteria and yeast to take hold! So remember, if you do get the chance to enjoy the warmer weather days, make sure that you take the right precautions to keep your dog’s ears dry and clean.


While we’re on the topic of swimming, there are a few things to keep in mind this February! Firstly, even when we experience warmer than usual days in the high seventy degrees, don’t forget that larger bodies of water can still be quite frigid! If you do take your dog out to swim at a clean water source when we have warmer snaps, always check the temperature of the water before they jump in and make sure to limit swimming periods to avoid chilling and exhaustion. Secondly, if you’re a new pet parent this February and you decide to let your dog venture into warmer clean bodies of water, please ALWAYS pay attention to your dog’s activities. Contrary to popular belief, all dogs are not natural swimmers and as your dog’s parent, it’s your job to be sure that they are safe at all times! We recommend investing in a life jacket (even if your dog can swim) to keep your pup afloat. Although it may be too early to pick one up in stores, you can always order a life jacket for your dog online.

Check in On Your Pet’s Dental Health!

February is dental month and it’s the perfect opportunity to check in on your pet’s dental health! Yes, we’re not just talking about dogs here, we’re talking about cats too! You should be brushing your pet’s teeth or using dental hygiene products like dental toys on a regular basis to keep your dog and cat’s teeth free from plaque buildup. This type of care is important to keep your pet’s teeth healthy overall and prevent more advanced dental issues from becoming a problem, but you should also check in once a year with an annual dental cleaning at your vet. If you are staying on top of your dog and cat’s dental health, our vets should find your pet’s teeth in good shape during their annual exam, but just like us, it’s important for your pet to have a proper cleaning annually. During this cleaning, we can not only clear any plaque buildup in hard to reach places, identify any problem areas before they become too serious, and polish the surface of teeth to provide plaque fewer areas of the tooth to grab onto!

Check On Your Pet’s ID Tags

Once a year we like to replace all of our own pet’s ID tags and we like to remind you to do the same. This isn’t just an opportunity to check that your pet has the correct contact information on their tags, but it’s also a chance to be sure that their tags are still legible. Over time some identification tags can become hard to read which renders them useless if your pet does get lost. Instead of risking it, we always think it’s best to just start the year over with a new tag, plus it’s a great chance to give your pet a little something to spruce up their appearance in the new year! Although if you’re financially strained and your pet’s tag is up to date and still in good condition you obviously don’t have to replace it if you don’t want to!

Hungry For More Raleigh Pet Care Tips?

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