Why a Raleigh Vet House Call Isn’t Always the Best Idea

A Raleigh vet house call may sound like a fabulous service and a great time saver, but while there are occasions when a Raleigh vet house call can be an option to consider, it’s usually not the best solution for the average pet parent. Today we want to tell you why!

Raleigh vet house call

Why a Raleigh Vet House Call Isn’t Always the Best Idea

A Raleigh vet house call can sometimes be a good option for pets or pet parents with specific limitations (for example, if you are mobility-limited or you have a 180lb dog and drive a Mini Cooper.)

A Raleigh vet house call is also a choice that some pet parents make when they have to make the difficult decision to say goodbye to a pet and they want to do it in the comfort of their own home.

A house call from your vet isn’t always the right choice, though and while we support local Raleigh mobile vets and the work that they do, please consider the following factors before skipping your next visit to your local Raleigh vet clinic in lieu of a mobile vet visit in Raleigh.

Less Thorough Exams

In a veterinary hospital, your pet is being seen by a veterinarian while they are on a sanitary table under clear bright lighting. This allows your vet to give your pet a thorough exam and get a good feel for how your pet looks physically. This isn’t always the case with a Raleigh vet house call. Depending on how well lit (and how clean!) your home is, a vet house call may result in a very poor quality exam!

Limited Diagnostic Capabilities

When you take your pet to your local Raleigh vet clinic, you have access to a full-service facility where your vet can perform most diagnostic procedures that may be needed if your pet is unwell. For example, an x-ray, an ultrasound, even an emergency exploratory surgery, can all be performed right away if needs be. Unfortunately, a mobile vet can only carry so much equipment with them when they travel which means that they have limited access to diagnostic tools that could get you faster answers in regards to your pet’s health.

Inability to Fill Many Medications Right Away

Here at Leesville Raleigh vet hospital, we have a pharmacy right here in our clinic. This means that once your pet has been examined by one of our vets, if they need medication, you can have that filled right away at our clinic while you finish your appointment with the vet. When it comes to a Raleigh mobile vet visit, however, your vet is limited to items that they can carry. This means that while a mobile vet will likely carry a minimal supply of the drugs that they most often prescribe, they are not going to carry everything that you might need.


One of the biggest factors that many pet parents complain about when it comes to mobile vet services is the cost. You see, mobile vet visits are expensive. It makes sense if you consider the fact that a mobile vet is unable to see as many patients daily as a traditional vet might as a result of having to travel and the fact that home vet visits tend to take much longer than vet visits in a veterinary office.

You Will Still Need a Full-Service Veterinarian in Raleigh

As we mentioned above, there are some situations when a home vet visit in Raleigh can be helpful, however, it’s important to keep in mind that even if you do opt for home vet visits, you are also going to need to find a local veterinary hospital. Most mobile veterinarians in Raleigh have affiliations with local full-service veterinary clinics, but whether you choose to use that facility of another one, the fact remains that you will need to have access to a full-service veterinary clinic for the diagnostics, testing, and procedures that your mobile vet is unable to supply.

Looking For a Top-Rated Vet in Raleigh?

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