14 Things Your Raleigh Veterinary Clinic Staff Want You to Remember On Your Next Vet Visit

Your Raleigh veterinary clinic staff here at Leesville Animal Hospital know that every trip to the vet can be stressful for you and your pet. You may be worried about a new lump or bump you found while petting your dog, your dog may be nervous in the setting of a veterinary clinic or around other dogs. That’s why today we’re sharing a few things that we’d like you to remember

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14 Things Your Raleigh Veterinary Clinic Staff Want You to Remember on Your Next Vet Visit

  1. Be kind. Be kind to your nervous pet and have patience. Be kind to your vet who may be running late because of an emergency appointment. Be kind to other visitors who may be having a difficult day. We all deserve kindness.

  2. Just like you have your job at a business, we have ours and that means that we have overhead to pay, equipment to maintain, and supplies to stock. Please don’t get upset if a service costs more than you think it should because we do everything we can to keep our fees as low as possible and we don’t know a single veterinarian who does what they do “for the money.”

  3. Please don’t let your dog run around our waiting room while you wait for your appointment. While your dog may be very well behaved, not all pet who visit us are as well behaved or comfortable with being at the vet and your dog may make them feel uncomfortable.

  4. Please be honest with us. Whether you think you waited too long before coming to see us with your pup’s ear infection or whether your dog got into a substance you shouldn’t have had in your possession, we aren’t  here to judge you, we just want to fix the problem and we can’t do that if you’re not honest with us.

  5. Call us ahead of time if you think your pet is contagious or if they are aggressive with other animals. This allows us to have a room ready for you when you come in so that you don’t have to wait in our waiting room and expose other pets to illness or put your pet in an uncomfortable situation.

  6. Our job can be exceptionally difficult on a daily basis. We do everything we can to arrive at your appointment on time but sometimes we run late.

  7. Please be respectful of our veterinary technicians and other staff members. They may not be your vet but they are all a part of our Raleigh veterinary clinic family. They, too, work hard to provide you with the best of care and experience difficult days when faced with beloved clients falling ill or coming to the end of their journey.

  8. Although we really wish we could, we can’t fix everything. We’ll always, always, always give you the best that veterinary medicine can offer, but sometimes there is nothing more that can be done. When this happens, know that we are devastated too, we hurt for you and really wish that we could perform miracles.

  9. If you bring a friend with you to the waiting room, your Raleigh veterinary staff ask that you please keep your voices down and be respectful of other visitors who may be going through the loss of their pet or a difficult diagnosis.

  10. The best thing you can do for your pet is to keep up with preventative care. If you are trying to cut down vet bills and avoid emergency vet expenses, keep your pet up to date on preventative medications, have regular check-ins with your vet, and really stay on top of your pets dental health.

  11. Speaking of monthly preventatives, it’s important to keep your pet current on monthly preventatives all year round in order to keep them protected against pests and illness. This helps us to keep other pets in our care free from pests and illness as well.

  12. Come to your annual exams even if your pet isn’t sick. Annual exams allow us to monitor your pet’s health and keep them healthy by noticing any changes in their physical or mental wellbeing as soon as possible. Skipping your annual vet visit because you think your pet is healthy can lead to early symptoms going unnoticed.

  13. If your pet is showing signs of abnormal behavior or illness, the sooner you call us the better. Don’t ignore symptoms in your pet and hope that they will just go away, make an appointment to see us and let us help your pet get back to full health as soon as possible.

  14. Ask us questions! Sometimes we get a little too scientific when we’re explaining things and it can be easy to get lost so if you have questions or need something explained, just ask! We want you to fully understand a diagnosis and treatment so that you can properly care for your pet.


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