Raleigh Vets Share Summer Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe!

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Raleigh vets are reminding residents of the triangle to leave their dogs at home as we head into the hottest months of the summer! Our vets here at Leesville Animal Hospital are no exception and today we’re sharing a few important things that you need to know to ensure that your dog stays happy and healthy even in the peak of summer!


Raleigh Vets Summer Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy

As the summer months here in the triangle continue to heat up, it’s important to keep your dogs health in mind. Many of the everyday things we do during cooler months are things we don’t think twice about, yet they can put our dog’s life at risk when summer rolls around! Today we’re talking about a few of those things and reminding you of what you can do to keep your pup safe.

Don’t Take Your Dog Out in the Car

We never advise taking your dog out in the car with you if you’re going somewhere that your dog can’t go too. Whether it’s winter or summer, there are risks to leaving your dog in the car unattended. In winter your dog can quickly lose body heat and in summer they can get overheated in no time. Think you’re safe by leaving the car running? Think again, your battery could die or the engine stutter and then your dog is left with no protection from heat or cold. So unless you’re heading somewhere that your dog can happily come inside with you, leave them in the comfort of your temperature controlled home.

Keep Walks Limited to Sunup and Sundown

Summer days are the hottest around noontime so limit walks to sunup and sundown when the air is less humid and the ground surfaces are cool enough for walking. Whatever you do DONT take your dog out to walk during the hottest times of the day, not only will they overheat very quickly, but they are also at risk of burns on their paw pads from hot sidewalks.

Limit Potty Times

Your dog is still going to need to potty during the day when it’s hot outside, but make sure that you limit these potty times. Take your dog out on a grassy surface in the shade where they can do their business and then head right back inside.

Always Test the Sidewalk Temperature

Even when the sun has gone down, make sure that you check the temperature of the sidewalk before you head out. Hold the back of your hand against the sidewalk surface for five seconds without pulling it away, if you can’t stand the heat then it’s still too hot for your dog to walk.

Keep Water Out ALL THE TIME!

Even short potty trips outside can influence your dog’s body temperature so always make sure that you have fresh water available when your dog comes inside and keep their bowl filled throughout the day

Be Careful Who You Use for Doggy Daycare

If you have an energetic dog and consider using doggy daycare, make sure that they have an indoor doggy daycare facility. Our Raleigh vets clinic has both indoor and outdoor play spaces so no matter the weather, your dog can play the day away!

Talk With Your Dog Walker and Pet Sitter

If you use a pet sitter or a dog walker make sure that they are familiar with hot weather protocol. Don’t assume that they know not to walk your dog during peak sunlight hours or to keep potty breaks short and on the grass, remind them!

Keep Your Home Cool

If you have air conditioning make sure that your house is kept cool including the area where your dog is kept when you’re not home! If you don’t have air conditioning look into purchasing a small window unit to keep your dog cool during summer months. In the very least, keep fans running to make sure that air continues to circulate.

Don’t Leave Your Dog Outside!

Dogs are social creatures and should never be kept isolated outdoors but even when you’re thinking about leaving your dog in the backyard for an hour while you run errands, think again. Even just an hour outdoors can result in your dog getting overheated or finding a way to escape the yard and getting lost and exposed to the elements.

Looking to Keep Your Pup Busy During the Hot Months?

If you’re looking for Raleigh vets that offer indoor doggy daycare to keep your pup busy during the hot summer months, we can help! Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we have a 1,200 square foot indoor play space that is temperature controlled and full of toys to keep your pup busy. With plenty of friends to play with and our trained camp counselors on hand to keep everyone in line, your four-legged family members will fall fast asleep as soon as you get them home after a long day of play! Call us today at (919) 870-7000 to get your dog booked in for a day of play!

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