Top Vet in Raleigh Shares Information on Holiday Pet Gifting

vet in RaleighAs your trusted vet in Raleigh, we are dropping by today with some tidbits that are important to keep in mind this holiday season.

If you have a family member or friend who has a soft spot for animals or who have mentioned that they would like a pet, it can be tempting to gift them with that pet for the holidays. But today we want to remind you just why gifting a pet to anyone this holiday season is a bad idea.

Top Vet in Raleigh Shares Information on Holiday Pet Gifting

Future Pet Parents Have Something in Mind

Even if someone has shown an incredible desire to have a pet of their own, choosing that pet is a very personal experience. Everyone looks for something different in their future pet, whether it’s a particular breed or just a feeling they get when they first meet, and this is something that you can’t do for them. If you are convinced that a new pet is a good idea for someone you love instead of gifting them with a pet, create a homemade gift certificate to redeem for a pet that they choose or a gift card for a pet supply store. This way your friend or family member can choose their own pet when they are ready to and they can select the pet that best suits them.

Want Isn’t the Only Consideration

Many animal lovers will express their love for pets and their desire to have a pet of their own but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are in a position where they can responsibly own a pet. As a top vet in Raleigh, we see this happen a lot when people are gifted pets for the holidays that they simply aren’t in a position to care for. It might seem like a great idea to give someone the “gift” that they want, but don’t forget the type of financial and time commitment that comes with being a pet parent. So, the next time that someone says that they would like a pet don’t take it as a request for one when they are in a position to properly care for a pet, they can make that decision themselves.

Rules and Limitations

As a vet in Raleigh, another thing that we see quite often is people who have been gifted with pets for the holidays who have to rehome those pets because their landlord or landlady has a policy against pets or against certain types of pets. This is never a good scenario because whatever the outcome, someone always loses. If your friend tries to hide their new pet they will almost always be discovered, fined and even evicted from their home. If they are not evicted, they will be given a very short timeline to rehome their pet. Rehoming a pet is never an easy process. There are already so many homeless animals that adding another one to the mix is only compounding the problem. If they are lucky enough to find a home for their pet, there is no guarantee that that home is a good one where the pet will be cared for. If a new home can’t be found for their pet, that pet will wind up in a local shelter or rescue where they not only displace a truly homeless pet, but they also run the risk of being euthanized.

Not All Pets Get Along

If you are contemplating gifting a pet to a friend or family member this holiday season and they already have pets at home, you should know that not all pets get along. Even if a pet’s adoption profile states that they are compatible with other animals, this doesn’t mean that they are going to be compatible with one specific animal’s personality. You also need to consider that the pet who already lives with your friend or family member may not take to the new pet either. Just because a pet gets along with “friends” at the doggy daycare or in boarding, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to do well with another animal permanently invading their space at home.

Need a Top Vet in Raleigh?

If you are considering a new pet this holiday season and have discussed and planned the event with every member of your family and are prepared for the commitment to your pet’s lifetime, Leesville Animal Hospital is here for you. As a top vet in Raleigh, we’re here for the lifetime needs of your pet and to support you in your role as a new pet parent!

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