Vet Care Credit Alternatives to Consider

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Vet care credit is an option available to pet parents when they have difficulty paying for expensive veterinary procedures. Unfortunately, not every pet parent qualifies for credit assistance through programs like vet care credit, so we have put together some other resources to help you to cover your veterinary costs.

If you are like most households across America, the chances are that you will face financial strain if such an unexpected veterinary expense comes up. Luckily, vet care credit alternatives are available to help you to shoulder expenses so that you don’t have to choose between treating your beloved pet and paying your household bills.

Vet Care Credit Alternatives

There are a few vet care credit alternatives available to help you to pay for your pet’s veterinary needs when emergencies arise and we recommend looking into all of them if you ever find yourself in a difficult position.

  • Go Fund Me – you can start fundraising with GoFundMe to get the funds you need to cover your pet’s care.
  • You Caring – Another fundraising website, You Caring allows you to raise a goal amount of money for your pet’s care.
  • Paws 4 a Cure – An organization that provides assistance for vet care.
  • Big Hearts Fund – If your pet’s diagnosis is heart disease, the Big Hearts Fund can help provide the credit you need to cover your vet costs.
  • The Pet Fund – this organization helps to cover chronic health costs for your pets.
  • Brown Dog Foundation – this foundation provides funds for covering veterinary treatments that would help your dog if only you could afford them!
  • God’s Creatures Ministry – a faith-based ministry that helps pet owners to cover vet bills when they are unable to do so themselves.
  • The Joshua Louis Animal Cancer Foundation – this foundation helps to provide funding for pets diagnosed with cancer whose owners are unable to afford treatment.
  • Magic Bullet Fund – this fund focuses their efforts on covering the cost of cancer treatment for pets when their owners are unable to cover the cost themselves.
  • The Mosby Foundation – this foundation helps to cover the costs of veterinary care when owners are unable to cover the cost themselves.
  • The Handicapped Pets Foundation – a foundation dedicated to helping to cover the costs of caring for handicapped pets.
  • RedRover Relief Grants – this grant program provides small grants to help cover vet bills in the event of an emergency.


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