Veterinarian in North Raleigh Shares New Years Preparation Tips

As a top veterinarian in North Raleigh, here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we often hear from pet parents at this time of year with questions about how to prepare for New Year’s Eve. Today we want to talk a little bit about the different ways that you can prepare for the upcoming holiday to ensure that your pets stay safe.

Veterinarian in North Raleigh Shares New Years Preparation Tips

With New Years Eve on the horizon we know that many pet parents are getting anxious, particularly those who have already anxious pets. That’s why today we want to share a few tips to help you and your pet to make it through new year’s eve with as little anxiety as possible.

Talk To Your Vet

One of the most important things you can do to prepare your pet for an anxiety-free new years eve is to talk to your vet. Explain your concerns over your pets anxiety and be sure to be specific about symptoms that your pet exhibits when they’re anxious and make sure to tell your vet what causes those symptoms and what solutions you have tried already. This will help your vet to better understand your pet’s anxiety and help you to determine the best approach to soothing that anxiety.

A visit to your vet is also important because it will help to rule out any other possible causes for your pet’s symptoms.

Make Sure Your Pet Has a Safe Place

On New Year’s Eve be sure to create a safe place for your pet where they can retreat if they do get overwhelmed with anxiety. If you crate your dog, try leaving the door to their crate open so that they can go to their “safe space”. If you don’t usually crate your dog, put their bed and blankets somewhere where they can take a little “me time” if needed.

Just like us, when our pets get overwhelmed, they can benefit from a little time alone in a space where they can feel safe and can decompress.

Play Music or Turn Up the TV

If your pet has difficulty with the noise of fireworks or the sounds of people celebrating, try leaving music playing or leave the TV on to drown out unfamiliar or fear-inducing sounds.

Sometimes it can be the unfamiliar sounds of special occasions like New Years Eve that make our pets feel on edge and playing more familiar sounds can put them at ease.

Try Plug-in or Spray Pheromones

There are a number of plug-in and spray pheromone products on the market that are designed to ease pet anxiety. Pheromones are chemicals that are produced by animals and that influence the behavior of other animals of the same species. These pheromone products are often made to replicate the pheromones produced by a mother when she is nursing and they create a sense of comfort and wellbeing for the mother’s puppies or kittens.

Pheromones can help to create a calmer atmosphere and send our anxious pets a message of comfort.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

If you know that your pet gets anxious on New Year’s Eve make sure that your pet gets plenty of activity and exercise during the daytime. With enough exercise your pet will be tired enough to sleep through much of the excitement and won’t have the energy to spend time worrying about the sounds of New Year’s Eve.

Being tired won’t stop all pets from worrying about the changes that happen on New Year’s Eve but if your pet is more uncomfortable than anxious with the night’s events, you may find that exercise helps.

Try Thundershirts

Thundershirts and anxiety wraps are designed to use pressure therapy to reduce your pet’s anxiety. By wrapping around your pet and applying gentle but steady pressure, these products create a sense of wellbeing – similar to how we swaddle babies to create a feeling of safety and comfort.

Thundershirts and anxiety wraps aren’t a solution for every pet with anxiety, but they can help pets with mild anxiety.

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