Veterinarians in Raleigh NC Know a Secret…

Veterinarians in Raleigh NCVeterinarians in Raleigh NC know a secret and if you consider yourself a responsible pet owner, then it’s time that you knew it too!

What are we talking about? Preventative care!

Okay, it may not be as big of a secret as we’re making it out to be, but the truth is that many pet owners simply don’t understand the link between preventative care and their pet’s long-term health.

Not sure what we mean? Don’t worry, just read on and you’ll soon know just what we’re talking about!

Veterinarians in Raleigh NC Know That An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Raleigh NC Veterinary Vaccinations

We know that you don’t particularly look forward to your pet’s annual checkups.

We know that you worry about the cost of going to see the vet, the “what if’s” concerning your pet’s health, and the frustration over “unnecessary” tests. The truth is, however, that the cost of that annual vet visit and those “unnecessary” tests are what keep your pet healthy in the long run.

Just like you, your pet’s health can decline at any time and it is only through preventative medicine and regular checkup’s that these health declines can be caught early. So while a few hundred dollars once a year may seem like a big hit, it’s important to know that those few hundred dollars could ultimately save your pet’s life.

Veterinarians in Raleigh NC see it all too often. Pet parents choose to skip annual vet visits or forego blood tests that they deem “unnecessary”. A year later they show up in our office with a pet exhibiting signs of advanced illness. Sometimes they get lucky and we treat the root of their pet’s illness and the lasting effects are minimal. Sometimes they don’t get so lucky, aggressive cancers not caught in their early stages are almost certainly a death sentence.

We know it sounds grim, but it’s important to understand the importance of regular veterinary visits.

How often should your pet be coming in to see us?

Well, that depends. Very young pets, senior pets, and pets with chronic health conditions or illness will require more frequent appointments.

Overall, veterinarians in Raleigh NC recommend that healthy adult pets have at least an annual checkup. During this appointment, your pet will receive any necessary vaccinations, have an overall physical checkup, and have blood drawn and urine tested to check for any abnormalities that may be lurking despite a healthy appearance.

Senior pets are usually recommended to have bi-annual vet visits. Since senior pets often experience more health concerns, bi-annual visits allow for these concerns to be caught early and treated before they become life-threatening.

Not sure how often you should be bringing your pet in to see us? Give us a call at (919)870-7000 and ask! We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have!

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