Vets Near Me: 8 Things You Should Know About Our Vet Clinic

When searching for “vets near me”, one of the first resources that people turn to is their laptop, smartphone, or tablet. While an online search may be a good way to find out basic information about local vet clinics, a much better resource can be the clinic itself. Today we are going to share with you a few things that our Raleigh veterinarians think you should know about our Raleigh animal hospital.

Vets Near Me: 8 Things You Should Know About Our Vet Clinic

vets near me

1. We Want to Know What You Need

We want to ensure that your pet receives the best care possible and part of doing that is making sure that you have what you need to provide that care. Do you need something explained in a different way because you found it confusing? Do you need help learning how to administer medications? Do you need suggestions for a behaviorist? When you communicate clearly what you need from us in order to provide your pet with better care, we will do whatever we can to help.

2. We “Get It”

As devout animal lovers, we get it. We understand the panic and frustration you feel when you don’t know what’s going on with your pet’s care and we do everything that we can do to alleviate those feelings by providing your pet with the best quality of veterinary care.

3. We Want You to Have Pet Insurance!

We know that caring for a pet can be expensive and sometimes this can lead to pet parents cutting corners by electing not to do necessary diagnostic procedures. These procedures are particularly important because they can help us to know exactly what is causing your pet to feel unwell. One way that you can save money without foregoing these important tests is to invest in pet insurance! While most pet insurance policies don’t pay upfront, they do reimburse you a portion of your expenses afterward and some of those reimbursements are quite hefty. We have had multiple clients receive payments of over $1,000 for a single procedure!

4. Please Ask Us Questions

Whether you’re paying us a visit for your dog’s annual exam or whether you’re here for something a little more worrisome, please ask us any questions that you may have! Whether you’re unsure what “that lump” is or whether you need more clarification on your pet’s diagnosis, please ask! Again, we want your pet to receive the best care and the more information you have, the better!

5. We Encourage You to Be Better Informed but…

You’ve likely heard doctors, dentists, and even vets gripe about people who consult “doctor Google” when a medical situation arises. While we certainly don’t want you to start diagnosing and treating your pets using online searches and you should ALWAYS consult your vet before trying something that you read about online or convince yourself that your pet is on their last legs, we do appreciate your dedication to your pet’s health. If you are someone who wants to be more active in their pet’s care and wellness we recommend consulting reputable resources like Tufts University, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and – most importantly – your vet! These resources can help you to be a better pet parent by giving you a better understanding of your pet’s overall health and a better idea of why your vet does the things that they do. Being better informed in this way also makes it easier for us to communicate with you about your pet’s health needs.

6. We Believe in Providing the Best Care

When it comes to treating our patients, we believe in providing the best care available. We don’t believe in pushing you towards a treatment approach because it is more profitable for us or because someone else is telling us to promote their products. We got into veterinary medicine because we love animals and our priority is always going to be your pet’s health and wellbeing. In fact, if we believe that there is a better treatment available for your pet that we aren’t able to provide, we will refer you to somewhere that can provide that treatment. At our clinic, our patients ALWAYS come first.

7. We Don’t Judge Your Pet Parenting 

Some pet parents are afraid to truthfully communicate with their vets because they are afraid of being judged. At Leesville Animal Hospital we don’t judge our pet parents. We are all human and sometimes we all make mistakes or think that we know best but being judged for these things only makes us feel uncomfortable and less likely to speak honestly about them and this impedes our ability to provide timely and accurate care.

For example: You left a pan of chocolate brownies too close to the edge of the countertop and your dog ate them. If you’re too afraid to tell us honestly what happened, you may simply tell us that “oh, he must have eaten something, I’m not sure what.” Unfortunately, this leaves us with few answers as to what is causing your dog’s toxicity symptoms and we wind up losing precious time as we try to find out what we are treating.

At Leesville Animal Hospital in Raleigh we promise not to judge you for your missteps or mistakes, but in return, all we ask is that you always communicate with us honestly so that we can provide your pet with the best of care.

8. We Are Emotionally Invested in ALL Of Our Clients

We got into the veterinary field because we love animals and cherish the human-animal bond. We can’t help but connect with every one of our clients in an emotional way. Whether we’ve seen your dog once before or whether we’ve been seeing them for the last fifteen years, they hold a place in our heart. We are cheering for our patients when they’re battling the odds, we’re overjoyed when we see them rally around, we lie awake at night when they’re faced with a mystery illness, and we cry with you when it’s time to say goodbye.

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