Dr. Pearce

Dr. Pearce
Dr. Pearce

Dr. Harold Pearce found his passion for veterinary care in his hometown of Harrisburg, Illinois. The only veterinarian for the small town was father to one of Dr. Pearce’s close high school friends. This presented Dr. Pearce with the unique opportunity to experience veterinarian life first hand.

Growing up on a small rural farm, Dr. Pearce grew up with an appreciation for a wide range of animals. From pet goats and peacocks to pointers, beagles and foxhounds; animal life was always a large part of Dr. Pearce’s childhood. Farm life also taught Dr. Pearce the value of ethical care of food producing animals and an appreciation for the self-sufficient lifestyle.

Dr. Pearce would go on to earn his undergraduate degree in agriculture in 1980 and his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in 1984 from the University of Illinois. During his college career, Dr. Pearce not only excelled in his fields of study, but was recognized by the national honor society of Phi Beta Kappa.

Four years after earning his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in 1988, Dr. Pearce built the original Leesville Animal Hospital. The hospital has since expanded to almost five and a half times its original size due to Dr. Pearce’s hard work and dedication. He might work hard, but ask Dr. Pearce and he will tell you that it’s always worth it for the satisfaction he gets from improving the lives of his patients.

When he’s not serving as the voice for his patients, Dr. Pearce can be found spending time with his family, attending Bayleaf Baptist Church, playing golf and tennis, and smoking meats. Dr. Pearce and his wife, Sherry, are recent empty nesters with one son and one daughter who are currently attending UNC Charlotte and NC State respectively. Dr. Pearce and his wife don’t quite have an empty nest however, as strong supporters of animal rescue, they currently share their home with three dogs and one cat.

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