What Is Your Raleigh NC Vet Doing At Your Dog’s Check Up?

When you take your dog into the veterinarian for their check up you may wonder just why your dog is prodded and poked so much and just what it is that your vet is looking for. Here at Leesville Animal Hospital we always encourage our pet owners to ask questions and actively seek information about their pet’s healthcare. Today we’re going to take a look at an infographic that explains some of what your Leesville Animal Hospital vet is looking for at your dog’s exam!

Dog Check Up

Just what is your veterinarian looking for when they stare and gently push, pull and poke your dog during a visit? Here’s the breakdown of the major body systems they’re checking out and what they’re looking for (and hoping not to find!)

Eyes – Signs of disease, discharge or tearing, abnormal movement or reaction to light.

Ears – Signs of ear infection such as pain, tenderness, redness, swelling, yeasty smell and discharge. They are also looking for evidence of mites.

Mouth – Signs of periodontal disease in teeth and gums and bad breath.

Lymph Nodes and Thyroid Glands – Any irregularities or changes in size.

Heart – Weak or abnormal heart sounds, an abnormally fast or slow rate, irregular beats.

Lungs – Wheezing, crackling or other abnormal lung sounds.

Abdomen – Any irregularities in the margins of the liver, spleen, kidneys and bladder, masses or tumors or thickened intestines.

Legs – Limited range of motion in all limbs, signs of pain or discomfort, grinding sounds in the joints.

Base of the tail – Any abscesses, abnormalities in anal glands, fecal mats, evidence of soft stools, growths, parasites, tapeworm segments and flea dirt.

Coat, Skin and Nails – Poor overall quality of coat, lumps and bumps, rashes, areas of hair loss, excessive dander, matted or saliva stained fur, fleas or ticks, callouses, overgrown or ingrown toenails and dehydration.

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