Free Dog Treats Contest From Virbac CET Chews!

Win Free Dog Treats From Virbac CET Chews! Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we work with representatives from many different pet companies because we are continually on the lookout for the best products for our clients! When we ran across this amazing contest from Virbac CET Chews, we knew that we had to share with […]

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5 Facts You Need to Know From a Cat Vet Raleigh NC Trusts

Looking for a little advice from a cat vet Raleigh NC trusts? You’ve come to the right place! Today here on the Leesville Animal Hospital blog, we’re going to take a look at five facts that every cat lover needs to know! 5 Cat Facts You Should Know From a Cat Vet Raleigh NC Trusts! […]

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Vet Tech Jobs in Raleigh NC: We’d Love You to Join Our Family!

Have you been on the lookout for vet tech jobs in Raleigh NC? Are you a fully trained veterinary technician and living in the Raleigh NC area or planning on moving here? If you are and you are looking to join a fun and dynamic team, we’d love for you to fill in an application […]

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Looking For the Best Vets in Raleigh For Ongoing Pet Care?

Are you looking for the best vets in Raleigh for ongoing pet care? Then we can help! Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we value every one of our furry and not so furry clients which means always providing the best care possible no matter the diagnosis. Sometimes that means nothing more than routine veterinary visits […]

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Looking For a Cat Vet Raleigh Recommends? We’re Here!

Have you been on the lookout for a cat vet Raleigh recommends? Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we take pride in our care of all animals including your furry feline friend! Why Leesville is The Cat Vet Raleigh Recommends Why is Leesville Animal Hospital the cat vet Raleigh recommends? What makes a good cat vet […]

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10 Tips You Need to Know From Veterinarians Raleigh NC Trusts

As veterinarians Raleigh NC trusts we get asked a lot of questions about pet ownership here at Leesville Animal Hospital. These questions range from basic pet care advice to more in-depth questions. Today we want to share 10 quick tips that can help to answer some of these questions before you even ask them! 10 […]

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Raleigh Veterinarians Want to Remind You About Raleigh Leash Laws

Raleigh veterinarians have noticed an increasing trend of housecats going missing or getting injured after being allowed to roam free. Today we want to take a moment to remind you of the Raleigh leash laws and why they are important for cat and dog owners! Raleigh Veterinarians Recommend Reading Local Leash Laws Most Raleigh residents […]

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Don’t Forget Your Raleigh Pet Dentist Discount in February!

If you have been searching for a Raleigh pet dentist or are just now realizing that your dog is long overdue for a dental cleaning, then make sure that you give us a call! During the month of February, all of our clients who book their pet for a dental cleaning will all receive a […]

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