Behavioral Counseling

If you have trouble with a pet with behavioral problems then you are among 40% of the population. This likely doesn’t make you feel much better about the garbage strewn around your kitchen or the hole in your brand new sofa. What might make you feel better is that our team of veterinarians is here to help!

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Chronic Condition Management

Here at Leesville Animal Hospital we offer specialized care for a wide range of chronic conditions. Chronic conditions can include anything from allergies to cancer.

No matter what chronic condition your pet lives with, our veterinarians understand the effect that illness can have on your pet’s entire system. That is exactly why we cater individual care plans for each and every one of our chronic condition care patients.

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Dental Care

Regular thorough dental exams and hygiene practices are an important part of your pet’s health. They help to prevent a buildup of tartar, address cracked or chipped teeth, and focus on causes of bad breath such as gum disease, infections and abscesses.

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No matter what symptoms your pet is experiencing, our vast array of diagnostic technology allows our knowledgeable team of veterinarians to provide faster and more accurate diagnoses.

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End of Life Care

End of life care is one of the most difficult aspects of veterinary care. No matter how long our veterinarians have been in practice, the topic of end of life care never becomes an easy one, however, it is one that must be addressed for all pets. Our veterinarians offer kind and compassionate care during this difficult time while providing you with the answers that you need to make the best decisions for your pet.

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Hydrotherapy FAQIs hydrotherapy right for my dog?Our veterinarians will be able to determine whether hydrotherapy is the right choice for your dog based on their current health.What do I need to do?Once your dog has had a consultation with one of our veterinarians, you will receive a hydrotherapy schedule. All you need to do then is make […]

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We know how important it is to get your pet’s wellness test results right away. That is precisely why we maintain our on site laboratory.

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Did you know that every year millions of pets wander away from home or otherwise get lost? Many of these pets find their way to local shelters and rescue organizations, but without microchipping, the chance of you finding your pet is significantly reduced.

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Nutritional Counseling

Just as nutrition is a crucial part of our lives, it’s important to our pet’s lives as well. Whether your pet could stand to lose a little extra weight, or whether they have special nutritional needs, our veterinarians can help!

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Unfortunately for us as pet parents, cancer is all too common of a disease among our pets. Our veterinary team takes the importance of an early cancer diagnosis and intervention very seriously, knowing that the earlier it is caught, the better your pet’s quality of life and long term prognosis may be.

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Here at Leesville Animal Hospital we have a fully stocked in house pharmacy. This allows for you to pick up your pet’s medications at the time of your appointment. This makes for faster relief for your pet as well as one less stop in your busy day!

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Preventative Healthcare

We believe strongly – as all veterinarians should – in the power of preventative healthcare. That is why we employ a full team of staff to stay on top of your pet’s regular routine preventative healthcare checks!

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Each of the members of the surgical family here at Leesville Animal Hospital are expertly trained and highly qualified in a wide range of surgical procedures. Their knowledge in combination with our state of the art surgical suite ensures that when your pet undergoes their surgical procedure, that they are in the best of hands.

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A regular routine vaccination schedule is an important part of preventative healthcare for all pet’s. That’s why our hospital team maintain pristine records for all of our furry patients and send you reminders each and every time your pet is due for their vaccinations.

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