Is your pet up to date on their vaccinations?

A regular routine vaccination schedule is an important part of preventative healthcare for all pet's. That's why our hospital team maintain pristine records for all of our furry patients and send you reminders each and every time your pet is due for their vaccinations.

Your pet's vaccination schedule is designed to prevent a wide range of very serious diseases that are common in the North Carolina area, as well as around the nation. Maintaining a recommended vaccination schedule for your pet means protecting them against diseases that can potentially be fatal.

Raleigh NC Veterinary Vaccinations

The Recommended Vaccination Schedule

The veterinarians here at Leesville Animal Hospital recommend the following routine vaccination schedule for all healthy pets.

Puppy Vaccinations

  • 8 weeks: First distemper, parvo virus, fecal exam and heartworm preventative (given year-round), de-worming
  • 12 weeks: Second distemper, lepto, parvo, Lyme, fecal, de-worming
  • 16 weeks: Adult distemper, parvo virus, lepto, first rabies, second lyme disease, de-worming

Adult Dog Vaccinations

  • 2 year: Distemper, parvo virus, lepto,  lyme, HWT, bordetella/influenza, rabies (3-year available.)

Kitten Vaccinations

  • 6-8 weeks: First 4-way upper respiratory virus, distemper, deworming.
  • 10 weeks: Second 4-way upper respiratory virus, distemper, deworming, feline lukemia testing, first feline lukemia vaccination, first FIV vaccination.
  • 13 weeks: Third 4-way upper respiratory virus, distemper, second leukemia vaccination, second FIV vaccination.
  • 16 weeks: Adult 4-way upper respiratory virus, distemper, first year rabies, third FIV vaccination.

Adult Cat Vaccinations

  • 1 year: 4-way upper respiratory virus, distemper, feline leukemia vaccination, FELV/FIV testing, rabies (3-year available)

If you have a special needs pet, this routine vaccination schedule may not be right for you, we recommend in this case that you consult one of our veterinarians for a customized vaccination plan.

If your pet is in need of vaccinations please give us a call today to set up an appointment with one of our veterinarians to get them up to date! 

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